New Year, New Look!

//New Year, New Look!

New Year, New Look!

It’s true, 2018 is here at last. If you are like most Florida residents, you’ve probably made some New Year’s resolutions to push you through the year. How many of you have found yourselves saying, “New year, new me?” If you are ready to really make a change for the better this year, it’s time to take action and change the things we have the power to change. For those of you hoping to renew your appearance and gain back some of that self-confidence, we are the team to help. At New Beginnings Medical Spa, we obviously believe in starting over and becoming new—after all, just look at our name. Today, we want to share some of the most popular ways to transform your appearance to give you that New Year’s confidence you are looking for.


Anyone who is beginning to feel uncertain about their appearance, particularly the lines around their nasal cavity, may want to consider trying out Juvéderm. Juvéderm, the top-selling prescription dermal filler in the US, is the only FDA-approved filler with long-lasting results! This wrinkle correction solution is made from a smooth-consistency gel that flows easily into the skin. With a quick procedure in our office, you can be out of the door in a no time and remain unconcerned with downtime. To learn more about our Juvéderm filler, click here.

Spider Vein Removal

Many people feel self-conscious about their spider veins, and we understand why. While they may not be super painful, they can be unsightly and discourage people from wearing shorts or enjoying that Florida sun as much as they would like! Whether your spider veins are the result of hormones, genetics, obesity, or other condition, we can help. Our team offers spider vein removal to reduce these veins’ appearance and help you feel more confident when showing off your legs!

Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

If you feel self-conscious about either the length of your eyelashes or the thickness, you aren’t alone. However, the answer isn’t just an extra coat of mascara! At New Beginnings Medical Spa, we offer Latisse eyelash treatments that will help you grow longer, darker, and fuller lashes. Since our eyelashes grow in a cycle, Latisse works to increase the number of lashes in our “active growth phase.” Don’t worry, this eyelash treatment is not at all painful. You simply apply Latisse each day for 16 weeks. You’ll be able to see the results much sooner than this, but you’ll be delighted at the ongoing growth and fullness of your lashes!


Anyone who has found themselves staring at their reflection and longing for their double chin to disappear, there is a way. Kybella is used to eliminate the appearance of moderate to severe fat below of the chin. The injection does not require any surgery, and the recovery time is minimal. It works by destroying fat cells entirely, meaning that you can no longer accumulate fat in this spot. If you are tired of the fullness under your chin, you want to avoid surgery, and you are ready to feel your confidence skyrocket, then it’s time to consider Kybella.

hCG Diet Weight Loss

Many people decide that the new year is the perfect time to start losing weight, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer one of the most innovative and exciting weight loss programs to hit the market in recent years. The hCG weight loss program uses the hCG hormone to keep your muscles strong while curbing your appetite. These injections, combined with a healthy and low-calorie diet, enable you to lose weight quickly without experiencing fatigue. If you would like to learn more about this method of weight loss, please contact us and schedule a consultation to learn more.

New Beginnings Medical Spa

If you are ready to experience a dramatic transformation this new year, then come on into New Beginnings Medical Spa. We look forward to hearing your concerns and addressing them with our innovative spa procedures and techniques. There is no need to live with spider veins or a double chin when treatment is right here. Schedule your consultation today to talk to our professionals about each of your options. Remember, it’s a new year—it’s time to embrace the new you.

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