What is the hCG diet and how does it work? Part II

//What is the hCG diet and how does it work? Part II

What is the hCG diet and how does it work? Part II

In the first post of this series, we discussed the general workings of the hCG diet, the cycles, and part of how long the plan takes to offer effects. The following post will delve a little deeper into the post hCG diet instructions, what it costs to start, and why the diet has worked for so many people. If you’re still stuck with the weight you can’t seem to lose, or you want to lose a few extra pounds to finish off your physique, hCG therapy may be for you. Read on to learn more!

How long does the hCG diet take?

Now that you know how long the cycles take, you may be wondering what do I do after the hCG diet cycles? It’s a common question. In most cases, our patients complete one cycle and achieve their weight loss goals. In some cases, you may need multiple cycles to shed more weight. This is normal, and hCG therapy is about customizing your weight loss program.

Nonetheless, if you do complete your cycle and cease hCG treatment, there are a few steps to follow to keep the weight off:

One-to-three weeks after stopping diet

You’ll want to take what’s called a “rest period.” This means your body is still adjusting to the rapid weight loss. You can begin to eat foods outside your hCG diet, but stay away from starches and sugars.

Four-to-six weeks after stopping diet

You’ll still be in your “rest period,” however, you can begin to reintroduce starches and sugars back into your diet. Bring these types of foods back in slowly and in small quantities.

Six weeks after stopping diet

You are now clear of your first cycle, which means you’ve either met your weight loss goal, or you’re looking to lose even more weight. The general guideline is to give yourself 6 weeks between hCG diet cycles, but pending your body, how you feel, and how many cycles you’ve completed prior, this can change.

How much does hCG diet cost?

On average, the New Beginnings Medical Spa hCG diet takes a third of the time of other weight loss programs like Medifast, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem, and the cost of each pound lost is a little over half the other systems mentioned. What does this mean? You could see two-thirds more weight loss for about half the cost compared to other programs. Review our cost to pound lost chart!

Why the hCG diet works

Losing weight is usually an emotional experience. Those who’ve gained weight due to emotional stress, feeling inadequate, or even believing weight loss couldn’t happen for them have seen astounding results with the hCG diet from New Beginnings Medical Spa. Not only do we address the emotional needs of our patients, we also try to explain the technicality behind the process.

The hCG compound works differently in men and women, but it increases fat burning for both. For men, hCG works alongside testosterone. In women, progesterone causes the fat burning, which is promoted via hCG.

The reason so many people enjoy the benefits of weight loss with hCG diet plans is biochemistry. The body naturally produces chemicals that can help burn fat. The body also needs calories to burn for energy. So when these two are combined, significant weight loss can be achieved.


When to start the hCG diet

It’s based on preference, but if you have weight to lose, start as soon as possible. You will find that the sooner you commit, the quicker you’ll see results. One of the biggest barriers for most people is asking the question: “Will it work for me?” The caring staff at New Beginning Medical Spa answers: “Yes!” Don’t wait to lose your excess weight.

Choose New Beginnings Medical Spa in Florida

Whether you’re a local in Florida, or you decide to fly in to take advantage of our advanced facility and great staff, you can lose weight on the hCG diet. After serving 10,000-plus patients with hCG injections, pills, and specific diet plans, we can say we know what we’re doing. Call to schedule your appointment today! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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