5 Surprising Things That Age Your Skin

//5 Surprising Things That Age Your Skin

5 Surprising Things That Age Your Skin

It’s never reassuring to think your skin is always aging. However, you can do something to prevent from it aging quicker than normal. In the following post, New Beginnings Medical will share with you five different ways you’re aging your skin faster than you should. Our entire staff at all six locations want you to look as good as you feel. Give us a call today at our Palm Beach Garden location to get started with your Botox® treatment.

What’s aging your skin each day?

You may already know a handful of ways your skin ages, but do you know how you’re making it age faster? Below are the five surprising ways your skin may age that you didn’t already know about.

Tight Ponytails

When you pull your hair back into your favorite hairstyle, tighter is not better. It’s been reported that if you pull your hair back too tight into a ponytail, your hairline will thin, due to the tension, and can affect how quickly your hairline recedes. Your skin is exposed and runs the risk of damaging it.

Eye Makeup

Unfortunately, your makeup may be aging your skin quicker than you thought. Your eyelids are the thinnest skin on your body, and it’s important to know how to apply and remove makeup properly to avoid aging the skin quicker than normal. It’s best to remain gentle while applying or removing, and, if you can, use an emulsifier or Vaseline to “melt” the makeup off your skin instead of scrubbing it off.

Facial Expressions

If you’re an expressive person, you may be out of luck when it comes to aging skin. Muscles in our face allow us to express our emotions like happiness, anger, excitement and more. As we express these emotions over time, wrinkles and lines develop as our skin gradually breaks down. This is normal, but it doesn’t have to be a constant drain on your day.

Your Pillow

It’s uncommon to think your pillow can age your skin. However, you spend anywhere from six-to-ten hours laying on your pillow each evening. The cleanliness of your pillow can affect skin health, causing breakouts if not kept clean. Also, you may begin to notice the side you sleep on develops wrinkles or lines faster than your other side. It’s best to invest in a well-shaped pillow that allows for thorough washing on a regular basis.

Lighting: Fluorescent

Have you ever heard of UV radiation? It’s been reported that being exposed to fluorescent lighting for eight hours a day, five days a week, and up to 30-40 years ammasses to a significant amount of UV radiation. The research shows this as a concern, even though it doesn’t have indisputable evidence that it’s a valid worry. Nonetheless, it’s important you wear SPF at all times. There are plenty of good lotions you can find that include SPF in their formula you can use daily to keep your skin healthy.

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