5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Botox® Treatment

//5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Botox® Treatment

5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Botox® Treatment

It pays to do your homework. Personal cosmetic enhancement can mean the difference between a rejuvenated look or a droopy lip. You will want to consider a collection of questions when deciding on which Botox® clinic to choose, but the staff at New Beginnings Medical in Florida have come up with five questions to get you started before getting any kind of Botox® treatment. When it comes to patient health and safety, it’s our top priority, whether you are our patient or not.

What are the risk factors?

This is a commonly asked question, but it’s frequently sidestepped for two reasons: 1. No one wants to hear the truth when it comes to potential side effects of Botox® treatment, and 2. Discussing side effects may turn people away from treatment that are perfectly healthy to receive it. Nonetheless, in rare cases, patients may experience the following side effects:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Drooping
  • Difficulty speaking and/or swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing

Although these are known risk factors, our staff at New Beginnings Medical requires a consultation, medical history, and a secondary discussion prior to treatment to ensure your safety and health are the main priority. Also, the more transparent you are with your certified specialist when it comes to your health, the more accurately they can determine how great of a candidate you are for Botox® injections.

Do have a clean bill of health?

Our staff will require a medical history from you before any Botox® treatment is administered so we can determine your candidacy. In a large majority of cases, those with a relatively clean bill of health or better are perfect candidates for Botox® shots. Nonetheless, if you do have existing health conditions that may cause negative effects with the treatment, our staff will discuss this with you and determine the best way to move forward.

Our ultimate concern is your safety, and we believe starting with your health is the best way to keep you safe. We also want to help you rejuvenate your appearance so you can live life in confidence.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results vary based on the patient; however, we’ve had patients see results in as little as one session, and we’ve worked with patients for multiple sessions and achieved great results. Your goals, the state of your wrinkles, your age, and various other factors determine your Botox® treatment plan. A single treatment tends to last anywhere from three to six months, which means, depending on your desire to look as good as you feel, the time to see results may vary. It’s important to schedule a consultation and discuss your concerns, questions, and desired timeline with one of our certified medical staff to determine expectations.

How often do I need injections?

As mentioned above, Botox® injections tend to last between three and six months. However, depending on your situation, how often you would like injects, and how your body takes to the treatment, you may be able to discuss different options with our staff.

Who will be administering the Botox® treatment?

New Beginnings Medical Spa only allows certified Botox® injection specialists to administer the treatment to our patients in any of our six Botox® clinics. We value our patients and we hold their safety in high regard. If you’re receiving injections from a non-certified individual, consider ceasing all treatment and giving us a call.

What age should I start using Botox®?

Once again, the answer to this questions depends on various factors. The main determiners being age, lifestyle, sun exposure, skin color and skin health. As humans, we are all very different when it comes to our skin. Not only do pigments vary between individuals, our lifestyles also vary from moment to moment. This means that a woman in her mid 40s with little to average sun exposure throughout her life may need less Botox® treatment to see results compared to a mid 30s woman who spent almost a decade as a lifeguard. The same goes for men. Men who spend more time outside in the elements tend to need more treatment in regards to frequency. However, both women and men can influence their skin health with their diet. If you’re still not sure, give the nearest of our six locations to you a call.

What’s the difference between Botox® and fillers?

This is a question we’re asked frequently, but it does warrant a defining answer.

The major difference is in how Botox® and various dermal fillers function. Administered Botox® reduces the activity of muscle contraction so wrinkles do not worsen. Dermal fillers are used to fill the desired area with collagen to reverse wrinkles and promote collagen growth.

When choosing between the two options, consider which type of wrinkles you’re attempting to get rid of. In most cases, Botox® is better for dynamic wrinkles, and dermal fillers are for simple wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are those developed due to smiling, frowning, or other expressions tied directly to facial muscles. Simple wrinkles are creases or lines around the eyes and chin developed primarily due to aging and lifestyle.

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