When Should I Start Botox Treatment?

//When Should I Start Botox Treatment?

When Should I Start Botox Treatment?

The simple answer is that there is no “correct” age to start Botox therapy. Treatment depends entirely on your appearance and how you feel about your appearance. Typically, we encourage our patients at New Beginnings Medical to wait until their mid to late 20s to begin Botox treatment, even though individuals can begin treatment as early as 18. Nonetheless, if want to feel good about how you look, visit any one of our six locations to get a consultation. Otherwise, read the following blog post to learn more about when you should start your Botox injections.

Signs You Should Consider Botox

As each individual ages, their lifestyle and life experience both play a part in aging, stress, worry, and perspective. However, there are some definitive signs you may want to call New Beginnings Medical today to get a consultation and start your Botox treatment.

If you begin to notice small lines or wrinkles across your face when you express any given emotion, you can most likely benefit from Botox. Muscles in our face, when used often, affect how our skin ages over time. This results in wrinkles or lines across our forehead, between our eyebrows, around our eyes, and around our mouths.

If your face is at rest, and you do not see any lines or wrinkles, you probably don’t need Botox at this point in time. Nonetheless, give us a call with any questions or concerns, and one of our medical professionals or staff members will help.

Finally, sun exposure or smoking can drastically affect how quickly a person’s skin will age. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, notice sun spots, or want to reduce the chance of the “leather” skin look, give any one of our clinics a call today.

Can I Start Botox Before I See Wrinkles or Lines?

The short answer is yes. You can opt in for Botox therapy prior to wrinkles or lines forming on your face. This approach would be considered preventative Botox treatment. Although you don’t see any lines or wrinkles, you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent them from appearing as you age.

Give the nearest New Beginnings Medical clinic to you a call and schedule a consultation. We’re always ready to help you find the best Botox treatment to find your youthful appearance again. We have clinics in the following areas:

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

After a thorough consultation, one of our medical professionals will seat you in one of our comfortable treatment rooms, so you can be prepared for your Botox injections. The injections have been described by many patients as a prick of the skin. In a large majority of cases, patients reported not feeling pain or discomfort during their botox treatment. Also, a high percentage of Botox appointments last less than 20 minutes. Fortunately, Botox requires virtually no down time post treatment, which means you can get back to your day just as quickly as you stopped into one of our clinics for treatment.

Call New Beginnings Medical for Botox Injections Today!

When you visit any one of our six New Beginnings Medical locations, you’re in good hands. Our medical professionals and staff are here to serve you and your needs. New to Botox? Not sure if Botox is right for you? Give us a call and set up a consultation to get your treatments scheduled.

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