What’s So Scary About Botox Injections? We Address People’s Common Fears

//What’s So Scary About Botox Injections? We Address People’s Common Fears

What’s So Scary About Botox Injections? We Address People’s Common Fears

We understand if you’re scared or worried about your first Botox treatment. Whether you’re worried about side effects, financials, or myths, we’re here to make sure you know you’re in good hands at New Beginnings Medical. Our medical professionals are certified and prioritize your safety over anything else. When you decide to come see us for the first time, we perform a thorough consultation as well as a complete medical history review to ensure you’re safe. In the following post, we address some common fears people have surrounding Botox therapy.

Fear: Will Botox Cause Permanent Damage to my Face?

Truth: Botox, if injected improperly, can cause some harm to an individual’s face. Nonetheless, the medical professionals and staff at New Beginnings Medical ensure your safety with a thorough consultation and medical history review to make sure you have the best experience possible with your Botox treatment.

Fear: Will People Think I’m Vain for Getting Botox Injections?

Truth: You may come across individuals who do not understand why you’re getting Botox. If you’re concerned with wrinkles and lines on your face, Botox treatment is a perfectly safe non-invasive procedure to address those issues. We want you to feel as good as you look.

Fear: Botox Treatments Can Have Serious Side Effects

Truth: Botox, if administered incorrectly, can cause side effects. Nonetheless, the medical professionals at New Beginnings Medical are trained, certified, and vetted to give Botox treatments to qualified patients. We’re here to ensure your safety first and then help you regain your youthful glow.

Fear: Will I Look Plastic After Botox Treatment?

Truth: You may have seen it in the news or on the internet somewhere photos and videos of individuals who look “plastic” after Botox treatments. It is possible, if you over indulge with Botox or other fillers, that your appearance can shift from natural to “plastic.” However, proper dosage, frequency, and monitoring of your Botox treatment will result in a natural, youthful look.

Fear: If I Start Botox, Will I Have to Get Treatments Forever?

Truth: If you stop getting Botox treatments, you will see your wrinkles and lines eventually return, and your skin age as if you never had Botox treatment. Botox, unfortunately, is not a permanent solution to wrinkles and lines; however, you will only need treatment every six-to-eight months, depending on your skin’s condition.

Fear: Will I Get A Lazy Eye or Droopy Eyelid if I Stop Botox?

Truth: In the small amount of cases where a lazy eye or droopy eyelid occurs due to Botox treatment, an incorrect administration of the Botox is largely the cause. You should always choose a clinic with medical professionals certified to administer Botox. Never allow a non-certified individual to give you Botox injections to avoid a lazy eye or a droopy eyelid.

Fear: I Won’t Be Able to Afford Botox Over Time

Truth: Botox is relatively inexpensive compared to the other non-invasive plastic surgeries. Also, you will receive Botox treatment no more than every six-to-eight months, which helps spread out the cost. Nonetheless, if you’re concerned about cost, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you decide if Botox is right for you.

New Beginnings Medical Offers Botox Treatment

Our first priority is your safety. We want to deliver the best Botox treatment and experience to you alongside ensuring your safety. If you’re ready to start Botox injections, give the nearest of our six locations in Florida a call today! Will you be traveling into Florida for your treatment? Contact one of our clinics and let them know.

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