Treat Yourself to a Botox Treatment on Your Birthday

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Hallmark birthdays are sometimes faced with anxiety and trepidation as the thought of moving into a new decade fills people with apprehension and fear of aging. To quell the fear, treating yourself to a Botox treatment can help ease you in to the next decade, sans any wrinkles that may have started to make a cameo appearance on your face.

In a nutshell, Botox works by preventing facial muscles from contracting around areas that result in wrinkles. Over time, the wrinkles may smoothen, fade, or even disappear. Repeat doses are needed once the Botox wears off, typically every 4 to 6 months.

In Your 20s

Women in their 20s aren’t likely to have very many wrinkles so having a Botox injection to prevent wrinkles may be akin to shooting in the dark. But if you have strong facial muscles or have had a lot of sun exposure that has led to an early onset of wrinkles, now would be a good time to try Botox to see what it can do for you. The amount of Botox administered can be diluted for you to test the results. It can typically take 2 to 5 days for the muscles to stop contracting and up to 10 days for the wrinkles to smoothen out. If you feel you need more, you can schedule an appointment to get the full treatment.

In Your 30s

In your 30s, skin elasticity may diminish as your collagen production goes down. The elastin of your skin also gets weaker, which is why this is the decade when wrinkles are more likely to emerge. Lines form at your eyebrows from furrowing them too often. Smile lines or parentheses, as some like to call them, appear and don’t seem to fade away even when your face is relaxed and not smiling. Now is the time to seriously consider Botox treatment because the wrinkles are more apparent and the treatment area can be more precise.

In Your 40s

Women’s hormones start to fluctuate and estrogen levels start to diminish around this age, resulting in skin that’s less elastic and taut. Loss of facial volume can also happen and make wrinkles more apparent, particularly around the mouth. Wrinkles may be deeper if no treatment has been done before. Having a Botox injection during this decade can lead to astounding results because of the huge difference it can make in your appearance.

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, getting a Botox treatment can be a surprising and uplifting treat. Remember to consult with experts who have administered Botox to a wide variety of patients in their practice. To find out how Botox treatments work, visit a New Beginnings Medical clinic near you for consultation.

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