The Secret To Weight Loss No One Is Talking About

//The Secret To Weight Loss No One Is Talking About

The Secret To Weight Loss No One Is Talking About

You set a goal to lose a dozen pounds in the next six months. Committing to a weekly workout routine, daily diet, and various lifestyle changes, you set out to achieve your weight loss goal. As you eat healthy, stay hydrated, and exercise daily, the goal seems to fade from your mind.

On the way home from the gym one day you stop and grab some fast food — it’s only one burger, right? You enjoy the delicious burger and head home. Over the next few weeks, you eat out more often, and the fresh produce in the bottom drawer of the fridge begins to go bad.

Another few weeks pass, and you’ve stopped going to the gym entirely. One morning, you check your calendar on your phone to find a reminder that today is the six month mark for your weight loss goal. A stone stinks into the bottom of your stomach. What happened?

If this sounds like your weight loss routine, you’re not alone. Thousands of others just like you struggle to stick to new routines and achieve weight loss. More often then you might think, those who do achieve their weight loss gain the same weight back in about 12 months. At New Beginnings Medical, we offer an hCG diet plan and diet shots to help those struggling with weight loss to reach their goals; however, there is one other factor that strongly influences their success.

So what’s the secret to weight loss that no one is talking about right now? Continue reading to learn more!

Sleep is the secret to weight loss

The most common advice for weight loss is to eat healthier and move more, but what most people don’t share is that you need great sleep, too. In this post, we’re sharing how sleep can affect your diet and weight loss.

Sleep affects your diet

When you get less than seven hours of sleep a night on a consistent basis, you’re considered sleep deprived. Your sleep is how your body heals and rejuvenates itself from the day prior. If you’re working out consistently but not sleeping, you will find your fat loss and muscle growth will nearly cut in half. When you get less sleep, you’ll feel hungrier, be less satisfied after eating, and have less energy to exercise.

Sleep can change your fat cells

The last time you had a bad night’s rest, you probably woke up feeling groggy, tired, exhausted, or a combination of all three. If you haven’t had even a good night’s rest in awhile, you may feel like this all the time. Have you ever heard of sleep debt? It’s the term coined to describe the process of sleep deprivation and what it does to your body. When you have a string of days with bad sleep, your body’s insulin is affected, which can result in the storage of more fat.

Lack of sleep causes hunger

Two hormones in your body are directly related to your fat storage: leptin and ghrelin. These two, respectively, control the storage and burning of the fat in your body. When you’re sleep deprived, at least four nights with bad sleep, these two hormones will make you hungry. The less leptin you produce, the emptier your stomach feels. The less ghrelin produced, the slower your metabolism becomes. Not getting enough sleep starts a vicious cycle you cannot see until it’s too late — until you’ve gained the weight you wanted to lose.

Pair sleep with hCG diet shots

At New Beginnings Medical, we understand how hard it can be to lose weight. We also get that you’ve probably tried everything under the sun to shed a few pounds. Whether you want to lose weight to look good or simply get back into that summer outfit, we can help. Our medically trained staff is here to support you on your journey towards looking as good as you feel. Call today to schedule a consultation at in one of our six locations nearest you!

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