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spider vein removal

Stop Hiding Your Spider Veins and finally get rid of them!

Spider Vein Removal, or Sclerotherapy, is a simple injection of a fluid into each vein to cause the vein to be dissolved and eventually disappear.

Before treatment, Spider Veins are quite noticeable, contrasting sharply with the surrounding skin.

The skin is held taut while the injection of the solution is administered under a bright light & magnification.

One month after the first treatment, Spider Veins are directly lighter, yet still somewhat feasible.

After two or more treatments, the leg appears noticeably clearer and more attractive.



According to some medical experts, if someone has a family member who has Spider Veins, they are 50 percent more likely to develop spider veins themselves. Additionally, women are more likely to experience Spider Veins than men.


Women are generally more susceptible to various hormones which can have an effect on the development of Spider Veins. For example, pregnancy and menopause can lead to Spider Veins for many women due to the sudden change in the balance of hormones within their body.
Similarly, taking birth control pills can cause an increase in a woman’s level of estrogen and progestogen which can also have an effect on the development of Spider Veins in multiple areas of the body.


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Age Factors

As we get older, the risk of developing Spider Veins increases due to the fact that our veins tend to get weaker as we age. However, this doesn’t mean that young adults can’t get Spider Veins as well, just that they are more common in older adults.


Obesity, and being overweight in general, increases the chance of developing Spider Veins. The additional weight puts excess pressure on the leg veins, placing greater strain on the veins and limiting the amount of blood that is able to easily flow through the veins. Also, an overweight person tends to be less active which can make it easier to develop Spider Veins. Lastly, when a person is overweight or obese, their heart must work harder to pump blood through their body which puts more pressure on the veins, wearing them out faster than normal.

Abdominal Conditions

Someone with a chronic abdominal issue is more likely to have Spider Veins. Abdominal tumors and long term constipation can put a considerable amount of stress on the abdomen which, in turn, puts additional pressure on the veins of the leg where Spider Veins occur most frequently. It’s always a problem when leg veins don’t get the benefit of continuous, even blood flow.

When it comes to Spider Veins, you don’t have to just live with them and hope that, somehow, they go away on their own. Once Spider Veins have developed, they are difficult to get rid of and, in our opinion, it is in your best interest to seek out our Spider Vein removal services. Our Spider Vein Treatment will visibly reduce the appearance of Spider Veins and leave your legs, or any other area of the body were Spider Veins have developed, looking great.