Latisse Eyelash Enhancements

//Latisse Eyelash Enhancements

Latisse Eyelash Enhancements

Achieve Longer, Fuller Lashes With Latisse


A little research will quickly show that a lot of time, energy, and money is put into treatments that are able to help people regrow their hair. With all of the medical advancements that society has made, simple hair regeneration is a field of medicine that, for the most part, has been a tough nut to crack. Thousands of products have been developed to help regrow the hair on a person’s head and, unfortunately, many of these products over promise and under deliver. The regrowth of head hair may remain a mystery for quite some time but, luckily, eyelashes are a different story. When you think about areas of the body that need help with hair growth, your eyelids are probably not the first thing that pops into your mind. When you begin to think about it though, billions of dollars are spent every year on products that are designed to enhance a person’s eyelashes, making them look longer and fuller. In today’s post, we here at New Beginnings Medical are going to talk about our Latisse eyelash enhancement, what it does for our patients, and why you should consider it if you are looking to enhance the look of your eyelashes. Continue reading below to learn more.

How Does Latisse Work?


Interestingly enough, scientists aren’t exactly sure why Latisse works as well as it does. For years, researchers have sought to learn the secret of what promotes eyelash growth with little to show for their efforts. While they did determine that eyelashes grow in cycles that can last for several months, they weren’t exactly sure how they could take advantage of this information. When Latisse was first being developed, scientists found that it increased the number of eyelash hairs in the “active growth phase” as well as making this phase last longer than it normally should. As a result, patients who received Latisse treatments experienced longer, fuller lashes that were entirely their own.

How is Latisse Applied to Eyelashes?


Latisse is simple to apply and all of the necessary tools for a successful application are included in the price of the product. Over a 16 week period, Latisse is applied daily with a small, disposable applicator. Eyelash growth will be apparent in the first few weeks, however, it is important that you continue daily applications in order to make sure that you receive the full benefit of the treatment. Below, we have listed a few things that you should remember when applying Latisse.


  • Only use the sterile applicators that are supplied with the Latisse eyelash kit to apply the product.
  • Do not allow the Latisse applicator tip to touch your fingers or any other surface. If the tip touches an unintended area, contamination from foreign bacteria could occur.
  • Remove your contact lenses before applying Latisse. After the application has been completed, wait 15 minutes before inserting contact lenses.
  • If you miss one of your daily applications, do not try and apply twice as much solution the next day. Apply as you would normally.
  • If you stop applying Latisse, your lashes will gradually return to the way they appeared before the treatment began.

Why is Latisse Better Than Other Eyelash Enhancement Options?


At this point in the post, you are probably wondering why you should choose Latisse over other, more conventional forms of eyelash enhancements. When you get down to it, the reason you should choose Latisse over other methods of eyelash enhancement is because Latisse has been proven to increase the growth rate of your natural eyelashes. No longer do you have to rely on fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions to achieve the look you desire. While these other methods of eyelash enhancement can fall out and look fake, Latisse does not carry this risk because it only works to enhance your natural lashes. Because they are your own, natural lashes, they will not fall out as easily as fake lashes or extensions.


Thank you for taking the time to read our short blog post on our Latisse eyelash enhancements. If you would like to learn more about the services that we provide or you would like to schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, please contact us today or visit our website.


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