HCG for Women: How does the hCG diet affect pregnancy?

//HCG for Women: How does the hCG diet affect pregnancy?

HCG for Women: How does the hCG diet affect pregnancy?

Do you think you’re pregnant? Not sure if the positive test is accurate? Started your own hCG diet for weight loss and find you’re experiencing pregnancy symptoms? New Beginnings Medical Spa wants to answer your questions and more when it comes to the use of hCG to lose weight and pregnancy. In the following post, we address common hCG and pregnancy questions for you.

Hormones released during pregnancy?

A primary hormone during pregnancy is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It’s a primary indicator for the woman’s body to begin nourishing the baby growing inside of her. The hCG hormone is made in the placenta by cells, and it helps nourish the egg after fertilization and is attached to the uterine wall.

Unique to pregnancy, the hCG levels, once the woman’s egg is fertilized and attached to the uterine wall, will rise. Over the course of eight-to-eleven weeks, the hCG levels will double every 72 hours. Throughout the entire pregnancy, hCG levels will rise as the baby is nourished and develops.

As the pregnancy progresses, the hCG levels in the pregnant woman will rise continuously until the child is born; most women experience a return to normal hCG levels postpartum.

Can you get pregnant while on the hCG diet?

The simple answer is yes. In most cases, the increase in hCG in your system can increase fertility, which means an increased chance of becoming pregnant. This also means that if you take a pregnancy test, you could test positive while on an hCG diet.

Can hCG therapy give you pregnancy symptoms?

In some instances, women have reported signs of minor pregnancy symptoms while on an hCG diet. It’s uncommon for this to happen, but there is a chance it can happen. An hCG diet for weight loss includes the injection of the hormone, which is an indicator for positive pregnancy, and a specific caloric intake regimen.

Does hCG injections increase fertility in women?

Yes, the use of hCG is said to increase the probability of more eggs being released from the ovaries for fertilization. The hCG hormone is used to stimulate what’s called controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) to promote or induce a woman’s ovulation, which also increases chance for egg fertilization.

Can hCG therapy negatively affect current pregnancies?

It’s advisable to not participate in hCG diets or therapies while pregnant. A woman’s body naturally produces the hormone to promote growth and nourishment in the baby, which means the abnormal increase in hCG or sudden decline in hCG, if the therapy ceased, could negatively affect the pregnancy.

However, women who have specific conditions or have a hard time getting pregnant can use hCG to promote egg fertilization. Once egg is fertilized and attached to the uterine wall, the woman’s body will naturally produce the needed amount of hCG for baby nourishment and development.


How does hCG promote rapid weight loss?

Although hCG is involved in pregnancies, it can also be used for rapid weight loss. When hCG is injected or ingested, it promotes the increase of progesterone, which controls lipid metabolism. This process increases the metabolism of fats, which causes weight loss.

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