HCG for Women: How does the hCG diet affect your menstrual cycle?

//HCG for Women: How does the hCG diet affect your menstrual cycle?

HCG for Women: How does the hCG diet affect your menstrual cycle?

It can be worrisome when the heaviness or duration of your menstrual cycle changes, even more so when you’re on a new hCG diet for weight loss. You begin to ask questions, and you want to know how to proceed. Should you worry about the change or proceed with the diet as instructed? It can be confusing sometimes. We want to provide you some answers when it comes to your hCG therapy and your period. In fact, the change of your period is usually a sign the diet is working. Read on to learn more!

What is hCG?

The technical term for hCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone found frequently during pregnancy in women. The hormone is one of many identified to determine pregnancy, which is another common question we get from our patients: “Can hCG therapy cause false positives for a pregnancy test?” In fact, hCG is one of the primary hormones the baby releases to let the mother’s body know it exists so when it comes to pregnancy tests it may show positive. Most of the time, however, the low doses of hCG injections or ingested pills tend to not affect pregnancy tests.

How does hCG diet affect my period?

When it comes to your cycle, the heaviness and duration can vary from person-to-person in general, but when hCG is introduced to the body, it can affect your cycle. Your menstrual cycle can change based on the amount of fat you have in your body. Fat produces estrogen. Estrogen is a regulator in menstruation. So when you begin to lose weight, your estrogen production can change, thus affecting your cycle in various ways.

How long will my period last while on hCG therapy?

The duration and heaviness can vary. The rate at which you lose weight, the amount of weight lost, and your “normal” cycle are all factors in how hCG can change things. We suggest you keep tabs on your cycle and remember that as you progress through your hCG diet plan, you may see major or minor changes in your cycle. This is normal. The change in your cycle is simply a sign that your body is reacting to the hCG treatment.

Will hCG cause worse cramps?

There’s no evidence directly tying hCG to worse cramps. However, there are various studies and patient reports of cramping due to dieting. Remember, you’re changing your body, which alters your internal environment slightly. While your body adjusts to the new you, it can have some uncomfortable side effects at time. As long as those side effects do not become life threatening, you should approach them with care. Use a heating pad and stay hydrated. You will want to consider reducing caffeine consumption, too, since it is a stimulant and can indirectly cause uterus contractions.

How does hCG affect birth control?

The hCG diet does not counteract your birth control. Contraceptive and hCG can exist in your body at the same time. However, the hCG diet as a whole may reduce the effectiveness of your contraceptive in treating symptoms like cramps, headaches, and the like.


Does weight gain happen while on hCG diet and menstruating?

While menstruating, you may seem some weight gain. It can be discouraging to see the opposite effect than what you want while on an hCG diet, but weight gain is normal while on your period. Your body retains more water in order to help you through your cycle, which means the “weight” is water. If you want to promote less weight gain during your period, consume less salt prior to, during, and afterward.

How does hCG promote rapid weight loss?

The hCG diet plan works with progesterone in women to promote rapid weight loss. Although progesterone is a variable for each person when it comes to weight, the hCG compound has been shown to promote fat reduction.

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