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Dear JoLynn & Staff:

I just wanted to thank you for seeing me through my weight loss! I was so very skeptical at first, mostly because of my diet restrictions due to a bladder disease that can be very debilitating if I eat the wrong things-some of which are: tomatoes, citrus, vinegar, and anything acidic. All of the above mentioned things are staples on the HCG protocol.

Thanks to you JoLynn, we were able to come up with a few alternatives, so that I could still try the diet-and it worked! For me, it was really about what I couldn’t eat that was allowed on the diet. So, no salad dressings/citrus/mustard, etc. But I survived! Because I couldn’t follow the protocol to the “T”, I assumed my weight loss might be a little slower than others, which is ok-the important thing is that the weight still came off! My journey began at 149.5 & today I’m 122! I went from a size 12 to a size 6! I was on the HCG for a total of 56 days. Honestly, I never thought I would be able to see the 120’s again in my life! I’m so very grateful to the team at New Beginnings & will promote the program to anyone who asks me, “How did you do it?” I hope my story will encourage anyone who may have diet restrictions-don’t let that stop you! There is a way, and New Beginnings will help you get there.

Best regards, Karen E. Gandee

Success Stories
My name is Keri, and this is my story:

A battle with weight began during my teenage years. In my quest to explain the increasing weight I was finally diagnosed with PCOS (a little known and seldom diagnosed medical condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome or Stein-Leventhal syndrome, which is associated with insulin resistance leading to obesity). There is no “cure” for PCOS and little is offered in the way of help to deal with the symptoms. I then tried a multitude of diets, low fat, low carb, you name it, I tried it. I even went as far as having gastric lapband surgery to no avail. Even though I couldn’t eat very much I still wasn’t losing weight. It seemed like nothing was ever going to work for me. I felt that everyone looked at me and formed the typical impression of an overweight person who just lacked self control and ate constantly. I was to a point in my life where I was very depressed and wanted to give up. My breaking point was when I went to a theme park with my family, couldn’t fit into a rollercoaster seat, and I had to get off the ride in tears. Needless to say I was absolutely mortified.
Success Stories
A few months later while visiting my family in Florida I learned that my mother and sister were doing a diet called the HCG protocol with New Beginnings. Naturally I was skeptical, but at the same time thought, what have I got to lose? So I began a 40-day cycle Jan 1, 2010 and I lost 30+ lbs! I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t wait to do another cycle! Now in just less than one year, I’m 80 lbs lighter, several sizes smaller, and feeling the best I’ve felt in a very long time. My family and I actually returned to the same theme park and I rode that rollercoaster as a celebration of my weight loss. Be sure to watch for updated pictures because I plan to do another cycle or two as my goal is finally in sight, and I owe it all to New Beginnings and HCG. I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am to all those who helped and encouraged me. I get so many compliments now I almost don’t know how to react. It is both rewarding and exhilarating. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this a reality and not just a fantasy!
Keri Peters, Atlanta, GA

Here’s a quick update! Since December 31, 2010, I have lost 26 pounds and 31 inches. I started at a size 14 and I’m now wearing size 4 – and even some 2’s! : ) Let me just say for the millionth time, THANK YOU! I have received so many benefits from the HCG protocol. My knees don’t “creak” anymore. Stairs are no longer painful. My daughter said that I’ve “shrunk!” And, of course, my mother says I’m too skinny – it’s been years since I heard that! LOL I no longer look “matronly,” but have regained the shape I had before I got pregnant. Wow! All of this in 8 months! The protocol does take discipline, but once you see the pounds and inches melting away, you know the effort is worth it!

Also, I have altered the role food plays in my life. I’ve always loved to cook, but during the last maintenance period, I found myself cooking and eating the same foods as I did on the protocol. Of course, I made some minor additions , but I am not missing the carbs at all! I believe carbs will now have a place as a true side item rather than the main portion of my meal. There are just too many delicious, healthy (& non-carb) foods out there to enjoy!

It’s funny to see the faces of people who haven’t seen me in months! They are astonished by my weight loss. Plus, I don’t have that sickly look like on some diets. That is definitely one of the best aspects of this program. Only the abnormal fat goes away! It’s truly wonderful!

I am happy with my weight so don’t need the protocol any longer, but I hope you don’t mind if I pop in to give everyone at New Beginnings a hug occasionally! You have all had a role on my journey & I can not thank you enough! By the way, I love the e-newsletter! Keep up the good work by helping to change our lives!
Warmest regards and best wishes to all, Lisa G. dos Santos

I am writing to say THANK YOU!!!! The HCG protocol is by far the most amazing diet I have ever tried! It was not easy, by any stretchof the imagination, but I feel like you have helped me get back a piece of myself I didn’t even know was missing. I feel like I have energy again and I am not embarrassed to go out with my husband or be seen by old friends. The best part about this amazing diet is the way that it has changed how I think about food. I can now confidently say that food no longer has a hold over me. I don’t think I evenrealized how much of a hold it had on me in the first place until I started the diet. JoLynn, I can’t thank you enough for this amazing gift!!!

Success Stories

The weight just melts off, and after wards I was amazed at how my “wants had changed” as you always say. I could go on and on, but the main thing is how thankful I am and how amazed. I am telling everyone I know that complains about not being able to lose weight about this incredible diet! I had made my peace and come to terms that I was going to be fat for the rest of my life….by no longer!!! Can’t wait to start the next cycle! August can’t get here soon enough!

Hope you are having a blessed day and I know you are blessing others. Lynsey E. Ft Lauderdale, Florida

After the Holidays, I had finally reached the point where I was sick of eating an eternity of junk food, cakes, pies, cookies and rich foods. I was disgusted with myself and felt disgusting, to say the least. I had previously been on Weight Watchers where I began at 276 lbs. and lost 30 lbs. but the temptation and carelessness at the Holidays, left me ballooning to within 3 lbs of the starting weight. At my heaviest, I weighed in at a whopping 304 lbs and with a 52 in waist. I had dropped to 275 several years back and fluctuated between 260 and 275.
When I started on HCG I was 273.

Day 1:
I was intrigued with the information on HCG and how it works, but to be honest, as a physician, I was highly skeptical that the claims of weight loss (about 1 lb per day) was total “hooey.” Ok, so having been on every commercial diet known to man, I decided I had nothing to lose. I found myself at 52, weighing 273, had diabetes (type 2) was on 2 medications for blood sugar, medication for a heart arrhythmia a few months before, blood pressure medicine (for about 15 years now) and was feeling literally, like crap. I hated buying clothes since my size was difficult to find in stores and of course only fat people wear the ugliest clothes style. No matter how stylish I wanted to dress, I just couldn’t find the right clothes or to be honest, didn’t think anything looked good on me. When you have to buy your boxer shorts at Walmart instead of Macy’s, it’s humbling! That’s because only Walmart or Penney’s carry the 2X size underwear. And certainly there was nothing very “stylish.”

Then there was the problem of getting undressed. I rarely did it near a mirror and would never look at myself in the bathroom. I was disgusted and disappointed in myself. I was a wreck emotionally and physically by the time I started.

To make matters worse, my wife had recently lost 50 lbs and was looking great and feeling great after a lengthy bout of chronic back pain and was nearly bed-ridden for many months. She was depressed, short of breath and was told that losing weight would help her back pain. And, it did. 50lbs. and she fought hard to get them, and I just kept on eating and regaining 30 lbs over the Thanksgiving-New Years stretch. I couldn’t keep going on at the same pace. A walking time bomb and worst of all, a medical doctor who certainly knew better! How shameful I felt at times!

To be honest, I my wife’s urging, we started talking about going back on a diet after the holidays where she had regained 6 lbs of her recently lost 50. She hit a plateau on her weight loss and was “stuck” at a certain weight despite dieting rigorously. Through my association with the HCG clinic at New Beginnings, I embarked on the journey.

Now, I have to be frank here, I am the biggest wimp when it comes to going to the doctors or needles and had my doubts that I would be able to do it. My wife promised that she would do the injecting and that I wouldn’t “have to look” (this is no joke!). I was scared to death of needles! Can you believe that?

So, we went in for a consultation and decided to do it together. I went in wanting to lose 70-80 lbs. but not sure if that was a realistic, or even an achievable goal. I decided to take “before” pictures (which I have locked in a vault!) and embarked on the journey. I was so unsure of my success since I am not a “vegetable” or “salad” guy and never have been. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but decided to take the leap.

The 1st week:
Day 1 and 2, the “gorge” days were awesome but since I was so bloated feeling and prone to indigestion lately after all my holiday binging, I really couldn’t even eat half of what was recommended. Despite my heavy carb intake, I lost 4lbs on the first day, oddly enough. I figured it was a “fluke” or just “water” weight. I had to learn to keep track of what I ate and figure out the menu and plan foods, etc. Not so hard since the menu was pretty small or at least restricted as to what I could or better yet, would eat.

I began losing several pounds per day much to the dismay of my wife, but she was losing ½-1 lb per day. I was having some trouble after 4 days on the diet with my blood sugars and was running low in the in the afternoons and dizzy in the mornings. I decided to discontinue one of my blood sugar medicines after consulting with my doctor, and this solved the problem. However, I began having bad headaches about day 4 and they continued for about 1.5 weeks and then subsided. I think I was so used to eating so many carbs and so much “junk” during the Holidays, that my body was in ‘withdrawal.” I had to really remember my waters and in the first few days when my blood sugar would run low I would eat 2 extra fruits a day but then dropped those once I saw the blood sugars stable day after day.

In week one, I am shocked and also very proud that I lost 17 lbs!. Some days 2-4 lbs! I must say and no real hunger, only emotional desire to eat – especially in the evenings, my worst time traditionally. I soon learned to counter with hot tea or espresso (a double or triple) with Truvia. This was my “dessert.”

The injecting was a piece of cake (oops, poor analogy!) and by the end of the first week, I started injecting myself and really didn’t even feel it. I had to look to even see where I stuck myself. I really noted the pounds literally “melting” off me.

By the second week, I was no longer “gagging” on lettuce and actually enjoyed eating it at lunch when I was hungry but not ravenous. I noticed that I could now “taste” the lettuce and that my sense of taste was hyper “acute” where I was oddly aware of the taste of my food. It was a “new found” sensation! I experimented with every kind of tea I could find and found many favorites. I must have a dozen or more that I rotate daily and use to “kill” any suspected hunger but now, at day 26, I have to struggle to finish my conservative menu.

The 2nd Week:
By week 2: down 26 lbs! and feeling pretty good. Still a few headaches but nothing of real mention.

The 3rd Week:
Down a whopping 32 lbs.! Can’t remember when I was below 250!!

I have recently discovered the joys of the Walden Farms web site www.waldenfarms.com, where everything is sugar free, carb free and calorie free. Just to add to the variety of what the local stores carry. I also learned that strawberries are just about the “perfect” fruit! You get more bang for the buck by dividing up the amount you can eat and have 3 fruits (mentally that is). I love them with Truvia sprinkled on top or dipping them into it. Or the veritable fruit smoothie. (6-8 strawberries with 2 packs of Truvia and a heaping cup of ice) blend it fine and enjoy! This is heaven as an after dinner snack. Helps me with my old usual “grazing” times.

So, I am now at Day 26 and down 34.5 lbs.! and counting. My goal is to hit 200 and really want to drop to 185, but am not sure how I will look at 185, but will decide when I get there. I will be thrilled when I can fit into a size 38, 501 Levis! They don’t make them in “fat boy” sizes! Yesterday I did buy size 42 trousers. (I started at size 46!) Had to, my old pants kept falling down!! Not an attractive site especially at work!

So… more to come…. I hope I can lose 14 more pounds before this cycle ends! That’s my short term goal. For a total of 48! Let’s see if I can make it. What a humongous hurdle! Right now I’m no longer carrying on my frame, 6 packages of sugar!! (6-5lb bags!!) Think about that! Six 5 lb bags! Try and hold 2 in your arms a few minutes never mind carry that along all day!! Wow, its absolutely amazed and I have no choice but so far, to be a believer in HCG! Doctor Steve

Too good to be true is NOT my testimony! This program is exceptionally good and true to its word! The expectation that I would loss those stubborn targeted pounds around my ribs and waist was exciting enough to give it a try. What is 21 days of effort for this kind of result? That was my reasoning.

The wonderful surprise was this…. there was not 21 days of effort! I felt great, slept well and had energy. Not the medically induced nervous energy but normal “go about your activities” energy. It was effortless because I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t dwell on food or routine. I just prepared by having the right foods handy and the rest happened thoughtlessly.

But the pounds and inches are the real story. In such a short time I was able to see results and just where I wanted to see them. Clothes fit, the mirror was friendly and people noticed. I reached my target weight just as claimed in the allotted time. The plateaus happened but my counselor had prepared me and encouraged me through them. The maintenance program gave me tools to control putting the weight back on. It was obvious that my body was happy with less food. I am very pleased with my experience. A New Beginning! Sharon from West Palm Beach, FL

I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with the weight loss I attained on the HCG protocol through New Beginnings! I lost 16 ¾ inches and over 13 pounds – just one pound shy of my target weight! All of this and I felt great while on the protocol! But I have to let you know that one of the best resources you provided was the HCG protocol Cookbook. It offered great recipe ideas and gave me a sense of direction when planning my meals while on the 500 calorie portion of the diet. The seasoning recipes helped me diversify the flavors of the foods and helped me feel like I was always having something new and different. I ended up cooking almost all of the recipes and I would recommend every one I tried.

Thank you for your support during the protocol! You better believe that I will suggest New Beginnings as the place to help you attain your weight loss goals through the HCG protocol to everyone I know! Best regards from a new me, Lisa G. Fort Pierce, Florida

I just wanted to let you and Julie know that I finished my 3 week maintenance at 142 lbs!!!! = ) I lost 18 pounds. I am so happy with my results and the fact that I absolutely know that I will be able to keep my weight at this level easily. Thank you all for your advise, support and knowledge. I can tell that my health has benefited from the weight loss and, since I’m in my early 40’s, it was time to make healthy changes to my lifestyle. Thank you so much, Jo Lynn! Give my best to Julie and the rest of your staff!

THANK YOU! Take care & best wishes, Lisa G Fort Pierce, Florida

Success Stories

I have been a strict vegan since the early age of 16 years old. I am now 33 years old and have struggled with my weight since I turned 30. The only diet that I succeeded on has been the New Beginnings HCG protocol in Port Saint Lucie, FL. I was told it would never work for a vegan, but I proved to everyone that it can and will be done. In stead of using any meat, fish and or poultry I researched every health food place and internet and found out that the only thing with a low carb and 0 sugar was Brown Rice Protein Powder.

I mixed 2 tablespoons with my servings of fresh and or frozen strawberries, ice and truvia every morning and every night and this became the staple for my proteins. After 10 days on the diet I also cut out the Melba toast/bread sticks and was losing weight faster. I ate fresh grapefruit for breakfast and 8 glasses of green tea w/truvia and 16 glasses of water with lemon a day. For lunch I ate asparagus with lemons, garlic salt and strawberries. For dinner I ate the protein drink alongside fresh cucumbers or balsamic/sea salt tomatoes.

I started losing weight right away at 1 lb. a day and then 1.2 lb. a day to a total of 30 lbs. and 42.5 inches loss. I have been maintaining it with vegan burgers, low carb pita bread, fresh almonds/walnuts/macadamia nuts & almost every fruit and vegetable I can possibly consume in a day alongside my favorite apples with low sugar, low carb smuckers natural peanut butter. I can eat as many as 3000 calories now and never gain back a pound!

I lost another 6 inches and 3 lbs. and I continue to weigh myself daily and feel great about myself! I thank Mr.and Mrs. Hansen at New Beginnings for giving me my life back! I love you guys!!!! I am no longer depressed about my weight. Everyone says how beautiful and thin I look and wants to know my secret. 🙂

Success Stories

For Vegetarians…
All quorn products with no breading such as veggie chicken cutlets and veggie turkey cutlets/veggie meatballs will work. They contain egg products and are vegetarian.

“I am a 43 year old male who lost about 26lbs on my first New Beginnings injection cycle. I kept it off for about 9 months, but then the holidays showed up and so did several extra pounds. So when I heard about the newest weeklong pill cycle, I was excited! I lost another 11lbs, another notch off the belt, and I was less hungry. I was in my teens the last time I was at this weight & for someone that does not regularly exercise, this is nothing short of a miracle!”

Day 1 = 181.5
Day 2=180.5
Day 3=176.5
Day 4=175.5
Day 5=175
Day 6=174.5
Day 7=174
Day 8=174
Day 9=173
Day 10=173
Day 11=170.5 (maintenance begins today)
Day 12= 171-171.5 (got both readings)

Now I have to get you some pictures. But I need to warn you – my bod is looking so good that I’m considering being an underwear model! 😉 Daniel H. Erie Pennsylvania

Went from size 18-20 woman’s to a 10-12 misses SIZE
Weighed 227.5 lbs -down to 173
LOST 54.5 lbs in 4 months – LOST 38 1/4 “ of fat

“I wouldn’t have ever envisioned myself writing about weight loss but here I am, writing about my weight loss. What a surprise! So here’s my story. I am 51 years young, married for 33 years, two grown boys and one beautiful granddgtr. I manage a surgeons office by day and am very active with my church by night.

When I came to New Beginnings I weighed 227.5 lbs! I have lost 54.5 lbs in 4 months on the New Beginnings HCG Weight Loss plan, not only the weight but a total of 38 1/4 “ of fat! Imagine that! A total of 8.25 inches in my waist alone, another 9 inches off my hips with No exercise! Would I have believed without trying it? ……NO Way!

I feel skinny, I am finally the weight my drivers license says I am! I have energy, I feel rejuvenated and healthy! A few added and unexpected surprises are , new clothes, new shoes (feet get fat too) new eating habits and healthier choices and my husband actually picked me up over his shoulder ( manly thing) My 28 year old son told me I was a “hot mama” and my husband is looking at me with “ baby I want you “ glances. He actually goes clothes shopping with me now! (another surprise) and He lost 20 lbs too. ( just by changing our eating habits )

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it myself. The trick is to adhere to the plan. Eat the foods and amounts, weigh daily, and watch your shape appear ( or disappear) before your eyes. I went from a size 18-20 woman’s to a 10-12 misses! The last time I was this size I was in high school. The daily injections were nothing and the food plan along with the HCG recipes were easy and doable. The trick is to plan ahead, you can eat out, but beware of sauces, butter and dressings. I would have a fresh spinach with grilled shrimp, no dressing or a chicken breast, no skin or steak with sliced tomatoes. Of course I would only go to restaurants that I knew could accommodate my plan.If we were going to someone’s house for dinner, I would bring my food or eat before.

The real deal is I NEVER FELT HUNGRY! There were small moments when I felt a little hungry but it is a very controlled hunger. It’s usually just a few minutes before my next expected meal. I have dieted before and found myself practically chewing on a pencil prior to the next meal, NOT with HCG! I opted for organic fruits, veggies and meats when able. I ate at the table at home, instead of the easy chair and planned my snack at night of fruit or breadstick. It actually has became a new way of life for me.

I really like eating healthier because I feel better and I LOVE the way I look! Thanks, New Beginnings you are true to your name, this is a new beginning for me! God Bless”
Michele L. West Palm Beach

“The 7-day pill cycle was exactly what I needed to re-focus on healthy behaviors. I lost 9 lbs, slept better and had increased energy. It also helped me to make a clean break from the junk food habit I was slipping back into and make better food choices. It is the perfect addition to the 26- day program and a great preventative measure for protocol veterans wanting to keep a few slips-ups from turning into a cycle of weight gain.” Bridgett H. Phila. Pennsylvania

“Belief… Commitment… Passion… Thanks Jo Lynn, you fired me up. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! And all at New Beginnings.

Simply the easiest weight loss protocol I have ever followed …and exciting too, because the results are so fast. I have watched my body literally transform, right before my eyes. In just thirty days I’ve lost thirty pounds and three inches off my waist.

I’m about to go into my sixty day maintenance cycle; now I can eat what I want, but the good thing is, I’ve discovered a better way to be eating. It has now become a passion…I feel GREAT!!! Following this protocol to the tee, has brought success, and in record time, without cravings, strenuous work-outs, or any irritability. Simply a winner!!!

Next cycle I’ll increase my caloric intake but take up walking, because I want to…Whoa!!! The prize is at the end of the tunnel for any one willing to commit to 30 days. Piece of cake… well the cake is 90 days away.” William H. – Tampa Florida

“I feel so blessed to have found Jolynn and the New Beginnings Weight loss Program. I have a lot of weight to lose, not just 20 or 30 pounds like some of the women, but more like 90 to 100 pounds. This isn’t just what I want to lose but this is what is considered my ideal weight medically. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was heavy even as a child, into my teenage years. I think the smallest I ever remember myself being was about 140 pounds when I was about 19 or 20, that was before I had kids., and we all know what happens when those wonderful bundles of joy come into our lives, for most of us our bodies are never the same!

I was seriously contemplating “gastric-bypass” or “lap-band” surgery. I had been on every diet imaginable, with the most weight I had ever lost was 50 pounds when I was on Redux years ago. I tried, weight watchers, Atkins, the cookie diet, dr. Siegel weight loss clinics, diet pills, south beach, grapefruit diet I could go on and on and on. But thanks to my wonderful friend Carla, she thought of me when she was going to start the New Beginnings Weight loss Program. I thank God for Him bringing me to her mind and asking me to join her and some ladies from her church when they were starting this program.

It was truly an answer to prayer! Trust me that was my prayer every morning when I have my talks with God, was for him to help me to lose weight, and to get healthy. It was a struggle, I was always so self conscience of the way I looked and I was always tired. I was really skeptical at first, I scanned the internet trying to find a reason why this wouldn’t work for me, but try as I did, I found nothing that would prove to me that this would not be the answer to my prayers.

I started with the group from Carla’s church and we were meeting once a week to just fellowship, talk about our week, what went wrong, challenges we were facing and it was such a blessing, I met some really wonderful women and made some wonderful friends. I am far from being done, I am anxiously waiting to start my 2nd cycle of the HCG Program, I along with a few others are going for another round. I can’t believe the change that has happened to my body in just a short time. I will most likely have to go a 3rd round in order to get to where I need to be, but I can see a “light” at the end of the tunnel!!

Thank you Carla & Leslie for your strength and your wonderful support and companionship going through this, thank you JoLynn for being faithful and meeting with us each week. You all have touched my life in such a special way.” Thanking Jesus Daily, K. R., Stuart, Florida

“I must admit that I was skeptical, but the New Beginnings Weight Loss Program proved to be nothing short of a miracle – praise God! My wife and I went through it together and lost 18lbs and 22lbs respectively within 3 weeks. I have not been in this great shape since high school and I will NEVER be overweight again!

My advice to friends just starting the New Beginnings Program is DO NOT CHEAT and I guarantee that you will be smiling from ear to ear within a short period of time and for the rest of your life.” Dan & Bridget H. – Jupiter, FL

“At fifty-nine years old and twenty pounds over weight I decided to try the HCG protocol on the advice of my physician. I was extremely skeptical as I’d tried many other diets combined with exercise regiments that did not produce lasting effects. That being said, I enrolled in the HCG program. The miracle had really only begun. My metabolism has been reset my eating patterns have changed and I am now able to eat normal portions of food without late night compulsive binging on comfort foods. I have lost a total of twenty-two pounds since I began this diet. The simple truth….it works.” Dan W. West Palm Beach

“As someone who had never needed to diet in my 51 years, I found that menopause had left me with rolls of fat and 20 pounds that I did not appreciate. Not at all. I thought that if I just didn’t acknowledge them, they would get tired of the fact I was ignoring them by squishing them into ridiculously tight and painful undergarments and eventually move along. But alas, this was not to be. I came to the realization that it was time to grow up and face the fact that it was time to use that four-letter word…….DIET.

I am sure that you have surmised that I am not a patient person. If I was going to suffer, it was going to be quick. I surfed the Web for days looking for a quick fix, and it seemed like every diet advertised was exactly that, which made me a bit suspicious…….Then I came upon something called the ‘HCG’ protocol. As I read through the pages, it all started to make sense to me. The shot part didn’t bother me, but the 500 calories did. I admit that the ‘binge’ sold me. I thought there could be nothing more enjoyable that eating my favorite foods until I exploded.

I called New Beginnings and made an appointment to speak to a woman named JoLynn who sounded just as sweet as can be. I was on my way. Of course I signed up immediately, binged as directed, and began the 500 calorie/day diet. I can’t say that it was easy or that I didn’t ‘cheat’ a few times along the way, but I did end up losing 19 pounds and 14 inches over the 23 day period. I feel great, my clothes fit better, and I even got to go shopping for some new ones!

The staff at New Beginnings were kind, caring and always available to me. My daughter has since completed the program with similar results. I would recommend this weight-loss method to anyone who would like to lose weight and keep it off! Thank you, New Beginnings, for changing my life for the better.” Anne B. – Wellington, Florida

“As a 61 year old woman, I considered myself a professional dieter. Throughout the years I lost and regained the same 10 to 15 lbs many times. When I heard about the HCG protocol, I thought “Why not try this too?”

I had lost 20 lbs. and successfully maintained the loss for several months, but still felt dissatisfied with how my body looked. I still had that “skinny fat” look with flab and “old” looking loose skin.

I am still amazed at the difference I experienced compared to all the other diets and fads I had tried throughout the years. After experiencing the HCG protocol, I am a RETIRED professional dieter. The weight I lost on the HCG protocol targeted my abnormal fat in areas that I had never been able to loose before. My energy level improved, and I sailed through the diet with almost a feeling of euphoria.

With my weight loss goal reached, and my metabolism reset, I know that I am on the right path to never again return to the cycle of yo-yo dieting. My overall sense of well being and self confidence has never been better, and I attribute it totally to the HCG protocol. I am so thankful that I made the choice to try it.” Lynn T. Port St. Lucie

“A New Beginning is exactly what I have been given with Dr. Simeon’s HCG protocol. It was incredibly easy to follow and gave me energy that I haven’t had in years. I am maintaining the weight that I weighed 17 years ago and keep reminding myself that I am 40. I feel like I am living in the body of a 25 year old.
New Beginnings has provided me the opportunity that I could not have done on my on. It is impossible to target the “bad fat”, the “spare tire and saddlebags” without the HCG. I am one, like many, who eat out of boredom, for comfort, to celebrate, and to satisfy. Now I feel satisfied and content, and eat to live. Healthy food tastes better to me and has more appeal than it ever has. Thank you New Beginnings, for my new life.” K.S. – Wellington

“This weight loss program is amazing. At first, I didn’t want to do it because I really didn’t think I could give myself a shot. After the first one, I was good to go. It didn’t hurt at all, felt like a pin prick, so don’t let that stop you.

I lost 30 lbs in 40 days! I had been praying for something to get me started and this did it. I am currently on my 3 wks of no starches or sugar and have lost another 1.5 pounds. I have no craving to eat anything fattening… as a matter of fact, I have had more discipline on the program that anything else I have ever tried and there have been a lot of them.

Jolynn has been so supportive, meeting with us once a week, encouraging us, and making herself available at any moment by phone. After my six week break, I plan to do one more cycle of HCG and lose 20 more pounds. I have no doubt that if I stick to the program I will be successful.” Leslie W. Port St. Lucie