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Is Your HCG Safe?

HCG is a Prescription Drug, that is regulated by the FDA.

Be careful where you buy or receive the HCG Protocol Program. There are many local and internet companies who advertise the sale of HCG at attractive prices. There is usually a good reason for that! You could be getting a cheap batch of trouble. Unless you are buying from a licensed US Pharmacy with a prescription from a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, you may be getting unregulated HCG from China, India or other unregulated countries.

There are also some advertisers who state that they are “Canadian Pharmacies”. They lead you to believe that they are selling “US approved HCG”, but within the fine print—it is actually shipped from China or India. It will probably not surprise you that there are even some “disguised” “U.S.” pharmacies that sell HCG and claim it as being manufactured in the “U.S.” At the present time there are NO HCG manufacturers in the U.S. FDA regulated HCG in the U.S. is done through approved U.S. manufacturers under specific regulations that meet with FDA guidelines.

There may not be anything wrong with HCG from China, India, etc. if it is bought and sold through one of the larger U.S. Drug companies or compounding pharmacy’s. These companies verify the “pedigree” of the drugs they sell. What does pedigree mean? Reputable U.S. drug companies and compounding pharmacy’s want to know how a foreign drug was made, who made the drug, under what conditions was the drug made, does it meet U.S. safety standards for purity, consistency, etc. Be safe! Buy from a U.S. manufacturer. It may cost a little more but it will give you peace of mind knowing you have a good product.

What do you get when buying HCG over the Internet?

New Beginnings Medical has been contacted by many individuals across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean after they bought their HCG over the Internet. Their stories are the same and sorrowful. They want to know, “What do I do now? The company I bought the HCG from sent me a box containing some freeze dried powder and a little bottle of water. They didn’t send directions or diet information. Can you please help me out?”

We try by giving some basic information about mixing the HCG, filling their syringes, the diet requirements etc. It becomes obvious to them that they need more than just a bottle of HCG to be successful. The other sad news is we must inform them that since we didn’t supply their HCG and can’t attest to it’s “pedigree” and therefore we can’t assure them of a successful diet under any circumstances.

The sale of HCG is being proliferated over the Internet and around the world. And no wonder—it truly is a wonderful diet drug. But it must be used properly. The old adage is true in this instance “you get what you pay for.”

So you purchased your HCG over the Internet!

New Beginnings Medical uses a U.S. Licensed Pharmacy with a staff of MDs and NPs. Our headquarters are in Florida but the laws are similar in all states. The FDA [Federal Drug Administration] classifies HCG as a non-controlled substance in Florida, but still requires a prescription from a Medical Practitioner before a pharmacy can dispense it. To get a prescription Florida Law requires an MD or NP give the patient a Physical Exam and certify that the patient is approved for the HCG Program. Therein lies the problem.

Note: All state Medical Board of Medicine are different. E.g. in California HCG is considered a “Controlled Drug” and the method of dispensing is different from Florida.

How do you get a legal prescription for HCG?

Your own personal physician can write an HCG prescription. However, he/she, in all probability, will not be familiar with how HCG is used in a dietary situation and may not be willing to recommend something they are unfamiliar with. Or you can order HCG through one of the many Internet sources who “skirt” U.S. law. You may be asked to fill out a “Medical Intake Form” and it will be reviewed by their “medical staff”. Then two to eight days later, depending on the shipping country, your package will arrive and usually your first question is “Now what do I do?”

Because New Beginnings Medical has had thousands of HCG patients with proven success, our reputation has spread and a number of our patients are willing to fly to one of our Florida and California locations to receive their HCG, have their training, Physical Exam, receive their Diet Manual, HCG Gourmet Cook Book, and Maintenance Manual, and meet their “Diet Coach”. They are also great places to spend a few extra days! See our “Out-Of-Towner HCG Fly-In Program”.