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Over the past few years, HCG, whether in the form of HCG drops, pills, or injections, has become very popular. The reason is obvious—HCG works. People in every country have read, followed, and have been successful with Dr. Simeons’ diet for over 60 years. More recently, the Internet has increased everyone’s knowledge and awareness of HCG through blogs, chat rooms, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. People have been able to verify the successes, see the thousands of before and after pictures and have heard the heartfelt stories of changed lives.

hCG Pill

As with anything popular, someone or some company always tries to improve or find an element that people would like to see different. In the case of HCG, it is the injections. Some people would not, under any circumstances, take an injection or give one to themselves.

As an additional aid, to be honest, initially some of our patients voiced a concern about taking an injection. However, once instructed, more than 95% changed their minds. They realized that the needles are so small and the injected amount is so miniscule that when they actually tried it their misgivings disappeared.

RDT (Rapid Dissolving Tablet) has been a wonderful alternative for those not wanting to take an injection. Over the years, we have used various types of ‘pills’ that all had some kind of objectionable characteristic. For example, Troches (a soft, gel-like pill) did not dissolve well or didn’t taste great or were too big. The RDT resolved all those issues and the patients who choose them over injections like them. At New Beginnings Medical, we offer both—the choice is yours.

HCG Pill


It would certainly be simpler and easier if there was a proven oral drop method for taking the HCG. At New Beginnings we have spent considerable time, energy, research, and dollars investigating the various oral HCG protocol drops on the market. This includes the natural and the homeopathic HCG. Our findings have thus far been consistent:

  • There is no set formula for administering the dosage of HCG Drops:
  • Some companies recommend 5 drops of HCG 4 times daily; others say 12 drops 2 times daily; and one company recommended 60 drops once a day
  • Mixing the HCG with the water component is not consistent:
  • Some companies say to use “bacteriostatic” water while other say use “sterile” water, there is a difference!
  • Your Content Goes Here The amount of water added to the freeze-dried HCG varies, the more water the greater the dilution of HCG
  • How the Oral HCG Drops are taken differs:
  • Some companies just say “…in the mouth.”
  • Some companies say “…under the tongue.”
  • The period of time the Oral HCG Drops remain in the mouth varies from 2 to 5 minutes

Furthermore, because oral HCG drops are taken with an “eye dropper,” it is difficult to accurately measure the proper amount of HCG that a patient is receiving. And because it is a liquid, it is easily swallowed and not absorbed completely. It is not easy to hold 5 to 60 drops under your tongue for 5 to 10 minutes.

We have never seen or heard of any scientific study on oral HCG drops. Additionally, we have not seen proof that oral HCG drops are equal to or better than injectable or HCG pills for weight loss.

None of the oral HCG drops we have seen on the market have been made by an FDA Approved national drug company or licensed U.S. pharmacy. They are either made and distributed by a foreign company or made by a local compounding pharmacy that does not require a prescription.