HCG Drops, HCG Pills, OTC Diet Pills—Which One’s Right for You?

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With the proliferation of over-the-counter diet pills, a lot more people are turning to these to help them lose weight. There are also prescription drugs like HCG drops and pills that are available today. With all of these available weight loss options, which one’s right for you? The best way to determine the answer to your question is to weigh the pros and cons of both.

First, let’s a take a look at HCG diet drops. There are opposing views on how these drops are administered. For instance, the type of water used varies depending on which doctor is giving the instructions; some say bacteriostatic water, while others say sterile water. How the drops are taken is also inconsistent, with some companies saying in the mouth, while others saying under the tongue.

At New Beginnings, we believe that the oral drop method isn’t reliable in delivering HCG for weight loss. This is why we offer HCG pills as an option for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of taking HCG shots. The pills come in rapid dissolving tablets to make it easy to ingest the pill. If you’re looking for an alternative to injections other than HCG drops, HCG diet pills may be the best for you.

Now comes the pros and cons of OTC and prescription pills. The first consideration for both is safety. OTC diet pills are often not subjected to strict analyses for safety and efficacy. With prescription diet pills, you are assured that these have undergone strict and rigorous checks by the FDA. This alone ensures that what you’re using is considered safe by no less than the FDA. Additionally, the tests may prove that the prescription pills are indeed effective.

Secondly, when you are prescribed a diet pill like HCG pills, this means that a licensed and authorized doctor examined you first. The prescription drug recommended is based on the doctor’s evaluation of your health and weight loss needs. You are then given medication that is safe—with minimal or no side effects to your overall health.

When it comes to price, OTC diet pills take the cake. They are relatively cheaper than prescription pills. However, this appears to be their only advantage.

In the end, it is always good advice to check with your doctor first prior to taking any weight loss pill. Whether you go for the OTC option or you feel better with a prescription diet pill, always discuss your options with a trusted physician.

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