The Difference Between Spider Veins And Varicose Veins

//The Difference Between Spider Veins And Varicose Veins

The Difference Between Spider Veins And Varicose Veins

Don’t Confuse Varicose Veins With Spider Veins


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at New Beginnings Medical, we want to help as many Florida area residents as possible by providing the best medical spa services that we can. You see, we understand that while a condition may not be life threatening, it may be enough of an issue that it affects a person’s self confidence when they look in the mirror and see a reflection staring back at them that they are less than pleased with. One of the most common procedures that we perform at our many locations is spider vein removal. Spider veins, for the most part, are not harmful to any individual, however, they can affect how a person feels about their appearance and, in our opinion, that is something that a person should not have to deal with if they don’t have to. In the many years that we have been offering spider vein removal at our clinics, we have also had to answer many questions about the difference between spider veins and varicose veins. So that everyone is on the same page when they visit one of our clinics, we are going to use today’s post to go over the differences between spider veins and varicose veins. Keep reading to learn more.

Similar Causes, Different Appearance


Unfortunately, spider veins and varicose veins are often confused with one another. This makes sense when you consider the fact that both conditions are similar, however, it is important to understand the difference between these two conditions in order to understand the treatment options that are available to a patient. Varicose veins, by definition, are veins where the valves located within the veins themselves are diseased and do not fully close to prevent blood in the vein from flowing in the wrong direction. Because of these faulty valves, the veins will start to bulge and often appear blue or purple in appearance. Spider veins, on the other hand, are smaller, discolored veins that have a spider web-like appearance. Spider veins are often caused by the same set of circumstances that lead to varicose veins, however, they are further influenced by heredity, pregnancy, obesity, and menopause.

Warning Signs


Often times, people will begin to experience certain warning signs that are indicative of spider vein or varicose vein development without realizing it. For spider veins, a person may feel minor burning or itching at the site where the veins are experiencing issues. With varicose vein development, a person may start to experience an abnormal amount of leg cramps, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and burning, throbbing, or tingling around the areas where blood flow in the veins has been impeded. In some extreme cases of varicose vein development, skin ulcers will appear, especially around the ankle area. If you have noticed any of these symptoms, we highly recommend that you go visit your doctor immediately to determine whether or not you are developing varicose veins or spider veins.

What Can We Do To Help?


Here at New Beginnings Medical, we are more than happy to help patients reduce the appearance of their spider veins through the use of sclerotherapy. It is important to note that we only treat patients with spider veins and that we are currently unable to perform the treatment necessary to reduce varicose veins. If you would like to learn more about our spider vein treatment and whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure, please contact us today. We will work with you to come up with the best treatment option for your spider veins and help you achieve the cosmetic appearance that you desire.


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