Chemical Peel Myths

//Chemical Peel Myths

Chemical Peel Myths

How Much do You Know About Chemical Peels?


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at New Beginnings Medical, we specialize in the HCG Diet weight loss program. We strongly believe that the HCG program is currently one of the best ways for people to lose weight and, if you would like to learn more, we highly recommend that you visit our website. However, today’s post is not about the HCG Diet. Today’s post is dedicated to another of our services that we offer, chemical face peels. While that phrase might sound a little concerning to someone who doesn’t know what a face peel is, in actuality, chemical face peels are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that we offer here at New Beginnings Medical. Because many people may not know what a chemical peel is, we are going to use today’s post to go over some of the top myths associated with chemical peels and why these myths are incorrect. Continue reading below to learn more.


Chemical Peel: Scarier Than it Sounds


When the average person hears the term “chemical peel” they probably think it is some sort of draconian torture measure used to force prisoners to spill their secrets. In reality, chemical peels are one of the best ways to rejuvenate skin, especially facial skin, and has become an extremely popular cosmetic procedure at spas and medical clinics. Despite this, many people have misunderstandings in relation to facial peels. To remedy this, we have listed some common chemical peel myths and the reasons that these myths are completely unfounded.


Myth 1: Chemical peels are a one time solution


This myth is one that we really want to lay to rest. While it is true that chemical peels can result in younger, healthier looking skin, they are not a solution to long term damage. What we mean by this is that chemical peels cannot repair the irreversible damage of the sun and other associated factors of aging. Chemical peels are performed in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce the appearance of acne, and even out a person’s skin tone. When this treatment is completed once, a person’s skin will appear younger and healthier, however, it will need to be completed multiple times in order to deliver the best results. How many treatments are needed really depends on the amount of damage that a person’s skin has experienced up until the point of treatment and, the more consistent a person is with their chemical peel regimen, the better the outcome will be. It is important to note that after a chemical peel is completed, it is important that a person protects their face as much as possible from the harmful effects of sunlight. Getting a chemical peel and exposing your face to the harsh rays of the sun can actually work to cause more damage to your skin.


Myth 2: Chemical peels require a lot of downtime


For some reason, most likely due to less than truthful reporting by some news sources, people have this idea that getting a chemical peel requires a significant amount of downtime. While it is true that certain types of chemical peels require about a day of recovery, such as deep chemical peels designed to penetrate multiple layers of skin, the vast majority of chemical peels can be completed without anyone knowing that a person has received any sort of cosmetic procedure. Most chemical peels are extremely mild, designed to exfoliate the top layer of skin while simultaneously leaving the bottom layers of skin intact.


Myth 3: You can perform a chemical peel at home


This is one of those instances where just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do something. Just because there are chemical peel products on the shelf at your local drug store does not mean that you should try and complete this cosmetic procedure yourself. Barring the fact that you could mess up your mixture and cause quite a bit of redness and irritation, most over the counter chemical peel solutions will not deliver the same results, even when mixed perfectly, that a professional treatment can provide. This is especially true for “deep” chemical peels. Deep chemical peels should only be completed by professionals because, unfortunately, if a person tries to do it themselves and messes up they can cause irreparable damage to the skin of their face. Trust us, when it comes to your face and chemicals, it is best to trust someone who knows exactly what they are doing.


Myth 4: Chemical peels are only beneficial for people with troubled skin


The last myth that we will cover, and one of the ones that we dislike the most, is the idea that only people who have troublesome skin can benefit from a chemical peel. Like most myths, this one makes sense when you first hear it. Wouldn’t it seem logical that only those people with skin conditions would benefit from a treatment designed to remove layers of the skin? While this might sound true when you first hear it, upon further examination this “logic” falls apart. While it is true that people with less than desirable skin benefit greatly from chemical peels, this does not mean that people with “normal” skin can not also benefit from this cosmetic procedure. IN fact, even if a person feels that their skin is perfectly fine the way it is, a chemical peel can work to make their skin look even better. Think of chemical peels as a sort of preventative medicine that, if utilized correctly, can ensure that the skin stays vibrant, youthful, and healthy.


We hope that you enjoyed this blog and that you have learned a little more about what is and isn’t true in relation to chemical peels. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our chemical peel specialists or you would like to learn more about the other services that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at New Beginnings Medical. We have been helping people achieve their desired look for years and we are certain that once you experience our services, you will never want to visit another clinic for your chemical peel needs. With multiple locations in the great state of Florida, we are sure to have an office that is close to you. Additionally, if you live outside of the state of Florida, inquire about our fly-in program. We want to make our services as easy as possible to access and we hope that you allow us to serve you. Contact us today and lets us show you what a new beginning can do for you.

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