Chemical Peel Benefits

//Chemical Peel Benefits

Chemical Peel Benefits

A Chemical Peel Could be Just What Your Face Needs


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at New Beginnings Medical, we strive to provide Florida residents with an easy, affordable, and comfortable medical spa experience. When people visit our facilities, we want them to feel completely comfortable in the procedure that they are going to have done. For the next couple of posts, we wanted to go over one of our most common procedures, chemical peels, in order to provide all of our patients, past, present, and future with more information about this procedure. While it might sound a little scary, a chemical peel is a popular and safe cosmetic procedure used by millions of people every year. We hope that by the end of this short blog series, you feel more comfortable in regard to chemical peels and that you will come to visit one of our clinics if you ever decide to have this procedure done! Now, continue reading below to learn more about what a peel can do for you.


Rejuvenate Your Face With a Chemical Peel


Before we get started, it is important to understand that the chemical peels of today are not the same as the chemical peels of yesteryear. Those peals, unfortunately, burned quite a bit as they were applied and, for many people, left skin irritated for hours after the initial procedure was completed. Today’s peels use refined acid formulas that are intended to rejuvenate the skin more than strip it of its top layer. This has lead to peels that are much better for everyone involved and, below, we have listed a few reasons why these peels are beneficial to facial skin.



  • Make Skin Care Products Work Better: Minutes after receiving a chemical peel, acids lift away dead skin cells and triggers a chain reaction that encourages the living skin cells below the surface of the skin to multiply and move to the surface. These healthy, new skin cells take the place of the old, tired ones and, as an added bonus, actually work to improve the effectiveness of your daily skincare products. This effect occurs because, after a peel, you don’t have any dead skin cells competing with live skin cells for the same nutrients, vitamins, and moisture. When you place skin care products on your face after a peel, you are delivering them directly to healthy, living cells, greatly increasing the efficacy of said products.
  • Low Risk Solution: If you have delved even slightly into the world of skin care, you are probably well-aware of the fact that there are dozens of treatments available on the market that are purported to leave your skin better looking than before. Unfortunately, many of these products can have unintended side effects if people are not used to using them. In the 1990s, chemical peels were one of these procedures. Back then, a single high-powered acid was used to perform the procedure. This often left people with quite a bit of irritation and discomfort and, even worse, left the skin of the face red for hours. Luckily, we have learned from our past mistakes and, through a bit of trial and error, it has been found that using lower concentrations of multiple acids in conjunction with one another is not only more effective than using a single acid, but also goes a long way in ensuring that no undue irritation occurs. With the included vitamins and moisturizers that are a common ingredient in modern day peels, this treatment has gone from a harsh solution to a refreshing spa treatment.



Join us again next time as we continue to cover some of the benefits associated with chemical peels and why you should consider a peel if you are looking for a safe, effective, and rejuvenating facial treatment. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about our peels, the acids we use, and the customizations that we offer, please visit our website today. At New Beginnings Medical, we have been helping people achieve the look they want for years and we are confident that we can handle any spa treatments that you may require. Don’t settle for second best; contact us today and let us show you what we can do for you.


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