What Is HCG TeleMedicine?

It’s the easiest, safest, fastest method of starting a medically supervised HCG Diet.



3 Easy Steps To Start

Simply start downloading the Patient Medical History Form

Complete and Return it

Or if you preferr to mail it, send to:
New Beginnings Medical
5090 PGA Blvd., Suit #312, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33148

Medical Practitioner Calls Patient and schedules a Tele-Medicine (Audio/Visual) call to complete the HCG approval and ordering process

Medical Practitioner submits your approved HCG prescription to a US Pharmacy for processing and shipping right to your door.


With over 10 years hCG experience, 6 beautiful S. Florida Locations, we have created a system to help you get all the same benifits our local patients receive, from ANYWHERE in the United States!






[*] THEANINE ADDITIVE TO HCG is an Amino Acid added to New Beginnings Medical’s HCG. It is known for it’s Natural Stress Reduction Effects and anxiety Reducing properties other benefits include: Boosts Concentration and Alertness; Prevents the Negative Side Effects of Caffeine; Creates a Calm Feeling to Help Improve Sleep Quality also has been known to stimulate the Brains’ Alpha Waves causing a calm alertness and promoting a more relaxed state.

[**] PRE-FILLED INJECTIONS: No more mixing your HCG and worrying if you are withdrawing the correct amount of HCG for your daily injection. Each syringe is individually filled with the correct amount of HCG. Each syringe is also marked with an expiration date to assure freshness. The Pre-Filled Injections come packed in ice to keep cool and must be shipped priority Next Day Shipping.

What to expect from New Beginnings

Tele Medicine HCG?

Many patients claim the New Beginnings Medical HCG Diet is the easiest diet they were ever on.

A full color “Program Manual” that details each step of the HCG Diet
A full color “HCG Diet Gourmet Cook Book” to help maintain weight loss (99 Recipes).
A full color “After-Diet Maintanace Manual” to help maintain final weight.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly HCG Forms:
  • A Daily Calories Consumed & Weighting Record
  • Weekly Maintenance Progress Report
  • Weekly Body Measurement Progress Report
  • Daily Food Intake Sheets
  • Calorie Counter for each HCG Diet Food
  • Daily Food Consumption Sheet
  • BMI Calculator
  • New Beginnings Medical, Inc. HCG is tested for HIV and Hepatitis A,B & C
  • HIPPA patient file security
  • Daily Q & A availability for patients
  • Medical Practitioner Conference with each patient
  • Streamlined re-ordering
  • Pre-Filled HCG Syringes are optionally available

Using HCG for Losing Weight

First, What Is HCG?
Medically It’s Human Chorionic Gondaotropin
In Lay Language, HCG is a natural hormone with little known side effects (found in pregnant women)
How Does It Work?

As HCG enters the body it targets the Abnormal fat cells and then releases those cells into the bloodstream to become fuel for the body.

The average person releases between 2,000 to 2,500 Abnormal fat calories daily into the bloodstream from the HCG. The combination of the Abnormal fat calories released into the bloodstream, plus the diet’s 500 eaten calories released into the bloodstream, is sufficient to sustain a person.

That’s why you lose your hunger cravings while using HCG!

The Body Maintains 3 kinds of FAT:

Structural Fat

This fat fills the gaps between organs & cannot cause Obesity

Normal Fat

This fat is the normal fuel of the body and cannot cause Obesity

Abnormal Fat

The Bad Fat accumulates on the hips, buttocks, arms, stomach, face, etc. and causes Obesity.

HCG Targets Only Abnormal Fat!!

(With No Muscle Loss)

We’ve Helped

OVER 20,000 HCG Patients!


“I lost 30 lbs in 40 days! I had been praying for something to get me started and this did it.” – Leslie W. Port St. Lucie
“Lost 35 lbs in 35 days! Simply a winner!!!” – William H. – Tampa Florida


“I am maintaining the weight that I weighed 17 years ago and keep reminding myself that I am 40. I feel like I am living in the body of a 25 year old.” – K.S – Wellington

Is hCG Safe?

Each day during a woman’s pregnancy she produces approximately 2,000 times more HCG than the amount used daily during the HCG diet.

Dr. Simeons, the originator of the HCG diet and author of “Pounds and inches” spent more thans 20 years scientifically testing every aspect of obesity.

The good doctor found that by injecting a small amount of HCG along with a specifically tailored diet, he reduced a person’s weight by upto a pound a day.

A number of high profile media outlets like CNN, the Morning Show, and Dr. Oz have all endorsed the HCG Diet as an intense yet effective weight loss plan for those struggling with obesity.


BEWARE! When buying HCG over the internet

There are many internet companies who advertise the sale of HCG at attractive prices. Be careful! You could be getting a cheap batch of trouble. To be legal in Florida and most states, HCG is considered a drug that requires a Prescription signed by a Medical Doctor [or a Nurse Practitioner in Florida and other states], and filled by a Licensed U.S. Pharmacy. Many Internet “Pharmacies” do not meet that basic requirement and people who buy from them may be getting unregulated, untested or even non-human HCG from China, India or some undeveloped country.

These are also some advertised “Canadian Pharmacies” that say they are selling “U.S. approved HCG”, however, when the fine print in the ads is inspected, it is actually from India or some other Country. It may not be a surprise that there are even some “disguised pharmacies” that sell HCG and claim it is being manufactured in the U.S.


Getting Started Is So Easy

Questions? Give Us A Call.

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New Beginnings Medical Will Match The HCG Price of Any U.S Reputable HCG Distribution Company that Macthes The Above HCG Benefits!

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