Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did it work? At New Beginnings Medical, we see patients daily that are dealing with the same weight loss struggles as you. It’s common to find women of all ages, shapes, and sizes unable to shed the pounds and achieve the body image they’ve dreamed of for years. However, we offer hCG diet plans to those pursuing weight loss.

In this three-part blog series, we’re sharing the 15 unexpected benefits of weight loss and how the hCG diet plan can help women lose the stubborn weight. If you missed part one, read it now. Otherwise, continue reading to discover six more weight loss benefits for women.

Six More Weight Loss Benefits For Women

Losing weight is a hard, but New Beginnings Medical is here to help. We want to share the wonderful benefits of achieving a healthy body weight so you can live your best life.

Benefit #5: Depression may go away

Mental health issues tend to revolve around the individual whose experiencing them. There are methods to address depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue, but it’s not a one-size fits-all. Those who are depressed may think it’s because they have excess weight. As you lose weight, you may notice your depression does not fade from your life.

However, depression can be caused by obesity, but it may not be the main cause in your situation. It’s important to see a certified professional to work through any issues you may be dealing with.

Benefit #6: Foods will taste different

As you lose weight, your taste buds may begin to change. Many of our patients report a change in how food tastes after they’ve lost a significant amount of weight. What does this mean for you? You may discover a new hankering for a type of food you used to dislike or have never tried before.

Benefit #7: Fitness will become more enjoyable

If you decide to participate in physical fitness, you will find the more weight you lose, the quicker you will get into shape. This means your fitness activities will become more fun, since they are no longer a chore to complete. Those who lose weight and create a regular fitness routine tend to live longer and have more energy throughout their lives.



Benefit #8: Weight loss can affect bones and joints

As mentioned above, inflammation and health related issues are directly correlated with excess weight and obesity. As you lose weight, you may notice arthritic symptoms in your joints and general bone aches may go away.

Benefit #9: You’ll reduce health care bills

Losing weight helps increase your overall health. As you become healthier, you may notice less medical bills because you’re not going to the doctor as often as before.

Benefit #10: You increase your chances for a promotion at work

A 2004 study showed that obese individuals, on average, make 2.5 percent less than their slimmer colleagues. As you lose weight, you may notice more opportunities present themselves to you.

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