Do you want to lose weight? Are you tired of looking in the mirror every morning and wishing you looked like someone else? At New Beginnings Medical, we understand if you’re struggling with weight loss. We’re here to help. Our medically certified staff is able to administer and guide women just like you through our hCG diet plan to lose weight. If you’re ready for a change, give one of our six locations nearest you a call today!

In this three-part blog series, we’ll share the 15 unexpected benefits of weight loss for women, and how the hCG diet plan can help women achieve their weight loss goals.

15 Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

There are hundreds of reasons to lose excess weight, but why does losing weight matter to you? Do you want to look slim and sexy again? Do you want to feel better and live longer? No matter the reason for your desire to lose weight, we’re here to help.

Benefit #1: Energy levels will increase

It has been medically proven that humans in a healthy weight range tend to feel more energy throughout their daily lives. Can you imagine a day when you actually felt excited to tackle the day? hCG diet plans help you lose excess weight and increase your energy to create the life you want. This benefit is widely unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

Benefit #2: Improved memory

Obesity has a direct affect on how you create memories. A Swedish study showed that women who lost weight improved their memory after only six months of following a weight loss plan. Brain activity and memory retention increased in direct correlation with the loss of excess weight.



Benefit #3: You’ll begin to influence those around you, primarily your spouse

If you’re married, your spouse will take notice whether they say anything or not. It’s important that you remain empathetic toward your partner as you slim down.. Weight loss is no small feat; it’s a statement. You’re changing your lifestyle, and your body is the result of that. Most will support you in your personal enhancement endeavor, but some may become jealous. Remember, as you lose weight, you’re a light for others to make a change in their lives.

Benefit #4: Lower your risk of cancer

Obesity has been directly linked to several different types of cancer. When you decide to lose excess weight, you’re choosing to fight cancer. Excess weight can also cause inflammation, which is a root cause of many other diseases. As you change your lifestyle and develop healthier habits, you are increasing your lifespan.

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