Jenny Craig
New Beginnings
What is the Average weekly weight Loss? Week 1 & 2 the Loss is 2-5 lbs. [3.5 lbs. Avg.] Additional weeks the Loss is 1-2 lbs. [1.5 lbs. Avg.] Claim is "Lose 12 lbs. in 12 Weeks or your money Back." Average loss is 1-2 lbs. per week [Avg. 1.5 lbs.] Claim is "You can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week". Avg. loss is 1.5 lbs. per week Up to 1 pound per day, the average is 3/4 pound per day
How long will it take to lose 40 lbs.?
154 Days on Average
187 Days on Average
187 Days on Average
40 Days on Average
What are the Start-up Fees?
$25 but may get credit if $150 per Month is Purchased
Total Cost of the Program, including weekly B-12 Injections is Reg. $695. Current Special is $449
Is there a Monthly Fee?
Yes. $14.99/mo
Is there a Shipping Cost?
Yes, but unknown
Must I buy your Packaged food?
The On-Line Program requires purchase. You can join a Program at local office and buy your own food Yes, there are three plans ranging from $8.21 to $11.43 per day
What is the cost of your Packaged Food? The first 4 weeks costs $363.90, each week thereafter the cost is $90.98 Approximately $10 per day based on the on the "Taste of Today" 3-Day Sample of $$39.99 or $13.33 Daily. Buying from the food list however, the cost is about $15+ for BLD Using the "Core" 28 day Program the total cost would be $9.64 daily.
What is the cost of the groceries that I must buy in addition to the Package Foods? There is a list of Food called "Lean & Green" The estimated weekly cost is about $5/Day or $770 for 154 Days to lose 40 lbs. If buying the Food Online, you do not have to purchase any additional food items except drinks. You have to purchase fruits, vegetable and drinks [The cost of these items are not included in the calculation of their total cost. The Daily cost of meats, fish, seafood, drinks, etc. purchased at grocery store is $6 or $240 for 40 days.
What is the Total Cost to Lose 40 lbs. on your Diet Plan? Packaged Food is $2,002 plus Lean & Green Purchased Food for $770. The cost of the On Line 3-Day Sample $39.99, plus the additional 184 days needed to lose the 40 lbs. is $2,760, excluding start-up fee, plus the monthly fee of $14.99 for 6.2 months or $92.94; plus unknown Shipping cost. The Special Price cost for the Pre-packaged food is $9.64 Daily for 187 days or $1,803 The cost to lose 40 lbs. with our Current Special is $689 or with the Regular price is $935
$1803 [Reg $2,755]
$689 [Reg. $935]
Special $45.07 [Reg. $68.88]
Special $17.22 [Reg. $23.38]
Note: All costs are taken from the Company Web-site and those costs may be prorated. Note: There are other programs available, but the start-up fee can be $99 and monthly fee can be $39.99, plus you purchase your own food. Note: If you were to chose the Plan where Nutrisystem's picks your food the total cost would be $1,535 or $38.38 per lb. or if you choose their "Select" plan and receive their best foods the total cost will be $2,137 or $53.44 per lb. Note: Pricing subject to change. Special pricing shown applies to East Coast Florida Clinics only. See our current special pricing.

[All rates are taken from their website as of 11/15/13.]

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