If you’ve read any of our blog posts or visited any one of our clinics for Botox® treatment, you know New Beginnings Medical is all about skin health and beauty. We want you to look just as great as you feel. It’s unfortunate that as our skin ages, we tend to feel younger. You don’t have to look into the mirror and be disheartened at your skin’s natural tendency. Give New Beginnings Medical in Palm Beach Gardens a call to schedule a consultation today! Otherwise, read the following post about how to keep your skin healthy by fighting free radicals with antioxidants.

What’s a Free Radical?

It’s odd to think that your skin is always under attack from what’s called “free radicals.” However, these little assailants affect your skin each time you step outside, change environments, or simply stand in the sun. Pollutants, herbicides, air, and more produce the “free radicals” in your skin, which break down your skin; this causes “aging” of the skin.

A proven way to help fight free radicals from damaging your skin are antioxidants. You can find antioxidants in various foods, vitamins, and other sources, which we share below.

Green Tea

Catechin is a chemical you will find in green tea. The chemical works to prevent cellular damage and heal your skin. You can apply green tea topical to your skin to help heal UV sun damage. Unfortunately, green tea does not contain SPF so it cannot double as sunblock.

Grape Seed

Proanthocyanidins are found in grape seed extract. These seek out and attack free radicals, destroying them, and protecting your skin from aging faster than it should.


Topical creams with this ingredient have been shown to protect the skin from ultraviolet B (UVB) damage. Resveratrol is commonly found compound in grape seeds and various nuts.

Coffee Berry

Want to prevent collagen damage? Consider Coffee Berry; it’s been reported as having anti-inflammatory properties to help calm the skin alongside the ability to protect your skin from aging and sun damage. You will find a variety of skin care products to have Coffee Berry as an ingredient. Find one that works for you and protect your skin!

Vitamin C

Although you will find Vitamin C in many foods, the best way to receive the benefits is through topical application. Vitamin C is known for its immunity boosting properties; however, it also offers protection from UV rays and promotes eradication of free radicals.

Vitamin E

Similar to Vitamin C, you want to apply topical skin care products with Vitamin E to your face to take advantage of the benefits. Also, Vitamin E has been reported as a collagen booster, which reduces wrinkles and lines naturally.


This can be found in a variety of topical supplements and skin care products. Red fruits and vegetables tend to host Lycopene, too. The compound promotes collagen growth, which helps reduce facial lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin B3

Uncommonly known as Niacinamide, B3 is an antioxidant known for anti-pigmentation and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use B3 to address hyper-pigmentation, irritation, and redness of the skin.

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