The way you look is important. You may hear from others around you that it’s not about how you look but how you feel. We would like to disagree, but not entirely. It is important to feel great about oneself, but what if you could feel even better because you look good? We’re all about strength, empowerment, and confidence, but what if all of that emotion was backed up by a beautiful facial glow that others couldn’t help but admire? That’s where New Beginnings Medical spa can help.

In this post, we’ll be sharing whether you should get microblading before or after Botox® treatment. There are various pieces of advice circulating the internet, and we want to be the first to offer a near definitive answer for your beauty endeavors. We’ll share the benefits of combining microblading and Botox treatment. Then we’ll give you the answer you’ve been searching for to this question: “Should I microblade before or after botox?”

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What are the benefits of pairing eyebrow microblading and Botox?

Benefit #1 – Reverse wrinkles and reduce the looks of aging

It’s no secret that Botox helps reverse wrinkles. But what can microblading do about aging? As men and women age, hair tends to grow longer, skin wrinkles, and the general look of being “old” sets in. When you pair Botox and microblading, it’s a top-tier combination to keep your youthful facial appearance in tact as you age — even though others won’t be able to tell.

Benefit #2 – Save time and look great

It takes time to get ready in the morning. You have to shower, shave, and apply makeup. At least once a week, you’re probably tweezing your eyebrows. On top of maintaining your eyebrows, you’ve probably already noticed the wrinkles between and around your eyebrows. If you stand in front of the mirror feeling dread that you’re finally showing signs of aging, don’t fret.

When you use microblading and Botox, you can save time in the mornings when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. Semi permanent eyebrows allow you to spend time elsewhere when it comes to facial beauty. Botox decreases the amount of wrinkles on your face. This all leads to you spending more time pampering yourself instead of living the adage that “beauty is pain.”

Benefit #3 – Initial treatments and touch ups are quick and easy

Botox only takes about 20 minutes once you’ve completed your initial beauty consultation. In most clinics, microblading lasts about two hours. However, once initial treatments are completed, the touch-ups are quick and easy. You could easily do a Botox treatment or microblade upkeep appointment during your lunch hour.

Benefit #4 – Treatments are virtually painless and highly effective

Botox treatments have been reported as feeling like a prick of the skin. The pain has been said to be a three out of 10 (10 being the most painful). Microblading is similar to Botox in the pain rating patients have shared. It’s even been reported that microblading is slightly less discomforting than Botox. If you are sensitive to facial treatments, New Beginnings Medical offers various solutions.

Benefit #5 – Helps maintain a youthful appearance

One of the biggest reason patients visit us is to rejuvenate their appearance and retain a youthful glow. Botox does just that, reversing wrinkles and smoothing out lines. When you pair Botox with microblading, you can achieve wonderful results and feel as good as you look.

When should you get microblading?

We believe you should have microblading completed prior to getting your Botox treatment — and here’s why.

Microblading affects the first three layers of your skin. This means that once the pigments are implanted in your skin, you will no longer need to add any makeup to maintain a beautiful appearance for up to two years. Intermittent touch ups may be needed, but the appointments are short and easy.

When it comes to Botox, it’s injected into the muscles below your skin. Technically, you could do either Botox or microblading first; however, we believe that you should get your eyebrows taken care of first, so that your medically certified Botox technician at New Beginnings Medical can work to enhance your appearance based on the implantation of your eyebrow pigments.

When we talk to patients, we like to remind them with this easy to remember phrase: Brows before Botox.



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