Did Botox® stop working for you? Do you get injections but don’t see the wrinkle reversal you were promised? It may be time you consider where you’re going for your injections, who’s administering them, and how that person is attaining the treatment. At New Beginnings Medical, we treat hundreds of patients every month, which means we’re receiving Botox® orders at least twice a month direct form the producer. We understand if you’ve gone for the bargain deal or thought to save money, but it’s important to have a medically trained professional administer your Botox® treatment for the best results.

In the part one of this blog series, we discussed the first four reasons why your Botox ® isn’t working, and in this post, we’ll share the final four reasons.

Were you specific with your desired results?

You may have done your due diligence and found a credible clinic, confirmed a certified medical professional administered your treatment, but still didn’t’ get the result you wanted. It’s important to consider you didn’t communicate clearly enough about your desired outcome. Expectations are everything, and if you communicated one set of expectations, which may have been delivered on, and you truly wanted a different result, it may be time to reconvene with your Botox® clinic.

Do you trust your injector?

Some patients are inconsistent with their Botox® treatments, which means their results will vary from treatment to treatment. It’s important to trust the certified medical professional to take care of your Botox® needs. They may suggest you need an increase in units to reach the desired result. Trust them, and you will surely get the outcome you want. Typically, you should be revisiting your clinic about every 4-6 months for Botox® injections.

Did you actually receive Botox® injections?

In rare cases, individuals are told they’re getting Botox® injections, but they actually get something entirely different. Combined with the other questions above, you need to do your due diligence when researching where, who, and how you will get Botox® treatment. Beware of the cheap deals or party bargains when getting Botox® injections. The ideal treatment begins and ends with a certified medical professional, whether at a clinic or elsewhere.

Consider making the switch to Dysport®

If you’ve made it through all of the questions above but still aren’t getting the results you want, it may be time to make the switch to Dysport. In some cases, the body produces antibodies against the Botox® neurotoxin, which can lessen effects of the treatment. Consider requesting a consultation for Dysport® before your next treatment visit. Remember that it’s more important to focus on who is injecting the treatment than anything else. If you need to make the switch, your medically certified professional will help you determine the necessary actions to meet your personal enhancement goals.



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