It’s a horrible feeling to realize your Botox® treatment isn’t working. You probably feel a variety of emotions: anger, frustration, and anxiety. At New Beginnings Medical, we understand if you feel as though your botox didn’t work, and we’re here to offer some reasons why you may not have gotten the results you want. In this post, we’ll share some common reasons why Botox® injections do not work for some patients. At our clinics, we require our medical staff to be certified and trained, so issues like “bad Botox” doesn’t happen, but if you’ve gone somewhere else for treatment, we can help.

In this two-part blog series, we’ll be covering eight questions to determine why your botox may not be working for you anymore.

The 8 Reasons Why Your Botox Didn’t Work

How old is the Botox you received?

Yes, Botox® can go bad. It can expire. This means that if you decided to receive Botox® treatment through a friend, family member, or at a Botox® party, you may have been injected with old Botox®. If this is the case, you will need to wait 3-4 months to allow the treatment to wear off.

How cheap was the Botox® treatment?

We understand if you’re looking for a bargain deal. Who doesn’t these days? But you need to ensure the neurotoxin is new and not expired. A common sign of bad Botox® is the price per unit or treatment relative to the current market. If you’ve found a great deal and the price is way below market average, you may want to reconsider the treatment.

Who administered the Botox® injections?

If you’ve received a Botox® injection from an non-certified individual, you have put yourself at risk. Injections and treatments should be administered only by certified and trained medical professionals. If you’re considering a clinic, do your research. Call them to discuss their treatment options, ask for referrals (if possible), and maybe stop by and visit their office. You can also go online and check for reviews, the context of those reviews, and how often satisfied patients actually talk about the clinic’s service.



How many units did you have administered?

Instead of stopping your Botox® treatment short due to your budget, we recommend you wait a few more months to allow for the proper amount of units to be administered. Some patients have a budget to follow, and we understand, but we also encourage you to be able to comfortable afford the suggested amount of units for your treatment and not risk paying for Botox® and getting less than desirable results.

Are You Ready For Botox® Injections?

If you’re ready for Botox® , give one of our locations in South Florida a call today. We’ve been helping patients rejuvenate their facial appearance for more than decade. Our medically trained professionals and wonderful staff are here to serve you and your personal enhancement needs.

Continue reading part two to find the final four reasons why your Botox® isn’t working for you.