There’s not much worse than looking in the mirror and seeing wrinkles you didn’t see the day prior. It may seem like an overnight development, but the aging process takes time. In part one, we shared four of the most common wrinkles, and in this post, we’ll share three more common facial wrinkles, as well as what causes wrinkles.

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3 More Common Facial Wrinkles

Marionette lines – These lines are found near the outside of the lips that circumscribe the chin. In most cases, these lines are due to general impressions of the face more than habitual expressions. Even though they have a different cause, they can still be treated like any other lines or wrinkles on the face. In fact, Marionette lines are highly targeted by patients who use Botox. These lines don’t usually show up until later in life, since the collagen in skin needs more time to break down.

Nasolabial folds – These are commonly known as the “laugh lines,” which extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. As you might expect, these wrinkles are caused by excess smiling, laughing, and the natural aging process. In some cases, these lines are accentuated by the amount of fat on the face.

Tear crescent – In some patients, the dark circles beneath their eyes are considered to be tear “troughs,” a deformity commonly treated with tear trough implants. Those who are experiencing this issue tend to also have issues with their cheek skin and the skin between their eyes, nose, and mouth.

What causes wrinkles and lines on the face?

From habitual facial expressions to genetic dispositions, the wrinkles and lines on your face can occur due to a variety of causes. It’s best to do what you can to protect your skin and enhance it when needed to keep the youthful look and glow you’ve always had. Here are some common causes of wrinkles and lines on the face:

  • Sun/UV rays
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Facial expressions
  • Aging (loss of elasticity)

In most cases, if you routinely protect your skin from sunlight, avoid smoking, and maintain a healthy diet, you can enjoy healthy skin for longer before needing Botox injections.



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